After the move -- What do I do now?????

That's the million dollar question . . . I've been living with my parents about 4 hours from home since pretty much last March -- only going home on weekends until about June, then pretty much full time after that when my Dad got sick. I am married, but have been pretty distant from my husband emotionally, as well as geographically -- not just because of the caregiving, but this has been going on for years. Divorce has been considered, but I as a Christian, I really struggle with that.

Additionally, now I need to go out and get a job. I do have a small job being held for me -- as a food demonstrator at a Costco -- which suits me for now -- it is employment, but my dream is to work in the mental health field working with adults --- particularly the aging population.

You see, i have bipolar myself - although it took YEARS for me to finally acknowledge it as being that, and until I did, wasn't receiving the right medications to deal with it appropriately. I have now been in recovery for over a year and have basically had my life back. Prior to this, there is NO way I could have done what I have for my parents during the last several months.

There happens to be a job opening near my home that I feel would be a perfect opportunity at this time. it is for an Employment Specialist position working with those with mental illness. I have a LOT of personal experience with employment issues and the school of hard knocks regarding the mental health ones. I think it would be a good fit. I do have a college degree, but not in social work. I'm going to go for it, and will post as to how that works out.

I'm also an In Our Own Voice presenter, with the National Alliance of Mental Illness which means that I have agreed to tell my story about my own journey with MI publicly. I have a speaking engagement on the 7th at a Senior Independent living facility. This is the first time I will be speaking publicly, but is exactly the kind of thing I see myself doing.

This is getting long, but that is in a nutshell as to what I am up to. Your thoughts/comments are welcome.


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