Adult living 9 wks on TPN feeding, non food or drink looking for others

Hi, I am a 62 yr old woman, married, 2 grown children, and 10 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. I had a Gastric By Pass 13 yrs ago at a weight of 530 lbs. Lost 300 lbs and 10 months ago had a revision due to giant ulcer had eat part of my pouch and 3/4 of my liver, also had a tummy tuck done with the revision. Now I have another ulcer, which doctors have put a pic line in, for TPN feedings, with no food or drinking aloud. Just recently had endoscope performed, which shows some improvement, but still have TPN, with limited eating and drinking. I am looking for friend or others who have adult family members on TPN feedings, Looking for support from anyone who has been on TPN feedings. Every day is a struggle trying to live in a world surrounded by food. Food is all around you. From watching TV, commercials,socials, walking down a street, even sitting on a park bench. Food makes up the world and is a very natural way of life. I keep praying and telling myself that my medical problem is very small, compared to all the members on this group. I will tell you, it has got a little better coping in groups of people, and with time I'll be able to adjust even better. Thanks to all the replies from members! It helps to know your not along and you have support from others.

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