25 days of 0. Drs. TPN Questions

It has been 25 days since I have tolerated any tubefeeds. After tests from GIs who treated me like crap as far as communication goes. They say it is psych. As "therre is no reason tubefeeds should not be able to ho through the intestines" (even though one study showed moderatley fast transit)

I am nauseated all the time. Have preasure if i run feeds nausea leads to wretching which of course is not good for my nissen so I let things out the g tube before it gets to wretching stage. I also have pain
These things happen even if asleep and running feeds so how can it be psych? Even if it is psych it still needs to be treated physiologically. I have lost 24 pounds in the past month. My brain is affected cognitively remembering things and such
So after the Gis sent me back to my PCP. Ihad an apt with her today. First i talked with my surgeon as to what he thinks the next step is.. his thoughtvi am malnourished and should be admitted and put on TPN. By my PCP. my PCP informs me she doesn't even follow the patients she has on TPN leaves that up to the GIs who told me they can't do TPN!!! Anyway doesn't matter she thinks this is psych too and that i should go to an in patient eating disorder unit. Keep in mond she thinks everything of mine is psych sigh.
So here i am trying to thknk of a way around this... zofran and more of it!! So the weekend plan is zofran three times a day through tube to see if that helps... two things i forgot one anything in my intestines causes preasure pain nausea increase and makez the next thing to go in that much more difficult and for some reason regular zofran that you crush and put in your tube doesn't work for me anymore yet IV does... so i may be stuck going to an eating disorder place when i dont have one!! I have had one before. I know this isn't. And my PCP telling me how they only put people on TPN if they know their gut has died and many side effects increased nausea. I don't remember having nausea when i was on TPN twice for a few weeks. I really want my tubefeeds to work again but feel like i got tricked into getting sent home to try some more. 25 days!! Could you stand it??? And i do realise TPN is expensive and that you can have line infections and that it isn't so great on yoour liver.. but is it really as bad as the PCP is saying? She says they use tubefeeds as last resort. And i said yes and that isn't working right now i nedd nutrition
I am not asking for a life time of TPN just short gut rest.... some of ypu have done that right?

With tubes and a PICC but at a loss

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