1sharq is in pain and in trouble, AGAIN.

Hello folks,
I have not been on the computer very much lately; I was more out door than in. Summer is short here in the North ( Canada).
I have some pain in my abdomen around my stoma. It's a sharp and sudden pain. It comes and goes but lately it's been getting worst. My Docs don't know what to make of it. The skin around my stoma is nice.
I don't know what to do. I'll be having an other surgery, soon I hope, to remove my J-Pouch. I was suppose to have been done in March, then May and then June. Now we are going into July.
I'm also starting to be depressed again. I have had some suicidal thoughts and I feel useless from time to time. I cannot work because of my health and don't have insurance to pay for a Psychologist. My meds have been augmented in dosage. I need help. Can't get any from my family. I hope this will end soon. Why am I sick so often? Why do I have all those diseases: UC, Crohn's, Cealiac's, Arthosis, Poly-Arthitis, Enthesopathia, Psoriasis, Epilepsy, Depression and an Ileostomy, Ulcers, Deaf. What's going to be next......
Can some one help me out or just listen?

Thanks for being there for me. God bless!

Sylvain and The Thing.

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