Which atypical antipsychotic is best for you?

Which of the drugs listed below have you tried? What side effects have you noticed? Which of these drugs do you consider to be the best?

Aripiprazole (marketed as Abilify); Asenapine Maleate (marketed as Saphris); Clozapine (marketed as Clozaril); Iloperidone (marketed as Fanapt); Lurasidone (marketed as Latuda); Olanzapine (marketed as Zyprexa); Olanzapine/Fluoxetine (marketed as Symbyax); Paliperidone (marketed as Invega); Quetiapine (marketed as Seroquel); Risperidone (marketed as Risperdal); and Ziprasidone (marketed as Geodon).

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I was on a higher dose of ablify and I gained 28 pounds and had tremors , My Doctor cut it in half and I lost some weight and I don't have tremors. It has really helped me !! I take other meds with it and this cocktail of meds have worked for me. Good Luck !!

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I think sometimes I have tried them all. But presenetly what seems to work is Abilify. Good Luck

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I have tried 4 different types of meds that you asked about. I tried Abilify and it made me want to jump out of my skin so my doctor discontinued it. I tried Zyprexa and it worked well but It caused a big increase in my appetite and I gained about 20 pounds and my doctor discontinued that. I tried Saphris and it worked (helped stabilize my moods). The side effects I experienced were grogginess in the morning and frequent nightmares that would wake me up at night. My doctor told me the nightmare side effect is rare. So my dr discontined that and put me back on Seroquel which helps stabilize my Bipolar moods along with my other psych meds. The Seroquel helps me to sleep but the major side effect I experience is EXTREME grogginess in the morning. I am NOT a doctor and I can only share with you what I have experienced. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder but don't know what your diagnosis is. I would recommend doing further research about the meds you mentioned on the web. There is all kinds of info about them on the internet. Also, I highly recommend talking to a doctor about all the meds that would be appropriate for your particular situation as everybody has a different body chemistry.

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I'm currently on Seroquel XR which has worked the best for me. I have taken Abilify which didn't do much. I took Sarphris and it didn't work well for me. I have taken Risperadal and when it quit working for me than I started Seroquel which like I said has worked the best for me. Seroquel XR is just one the many medications I take for the schizoaffective disorder. I take 2 mood stabilizers, 3 anti-depressants (after winter is over I will start going of one them again), and something for anxiety.
Weight gain and in general lack of motivation is part of the hardest thing to deal with the meds. I make myself go and volunteer. It keeps me active in the community. The weight has to be the worse part. I don't eat all the much so I can't figure out why I have trouble losing weight.
I have mild tardive dykensia. This is part is bad too. It just started showing up in the last 2 years and it isn't noticeable to others. I have been on psych meds for 32 years. So I have been on all types of anti-psychotics - many of the old ones. With the TD, I have been lucky that it didn't show up for so long.


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We'll, so far everything you've mentioned I've been on at one time or another...I'm 64 and doctors have tried to put me on meds since I was 15. Dx bipolar/psychosis.....it's always been interesting...have been hospitalized sev times, once, for a number of years...then the super-drgs came out and life became closer to normal I've ever known it...hang in there anyone who is finding their way through a chemical imbalance...it's a hard one.

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Abilify has worked best for me. I also take Wellbutrin and Fluvoxamine for anxiety.

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My psych dr just prescribed Wellbutrin about 1 1/2 weeks ago to help with my depression and anxiety. I know it will probably take a few more weeks to experience the full effect of this med but it seems to be helping me some. My mood has lifted a little bit and my anxiety doesn't seem as bad.

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Our tween gained quite a bit of weight on Risperdone, which didn't have much of an effect. We have been using 40-60mg of Latuda over the last two months. The side effects were easily fixed; he takes 40 mg of Latuda at night with Trazadone, Buspar, and hydroxyzine and sleeps throughout the night. When we added the extra 20mg in the morning believing it would help him control his aggression, it did the exact opposite, so we discontinued the 20mg and things are much better. Sometimes if a medication makes you sleepy in the morning, see if it's okay to change the dosage to night time.

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I have similar situation as you. Though I haven't been on meds as long as you have been, I believe I have tried almost every antipsychotic. I feel lucky that I was not ever on Thorazine or Halidol. I'm surprise that they still use Halidol. I know some people that get Halidol shots. The only antipsychotic that I got in a shot was Prolixin. Thinking back to the older antipsychotic that were used before the atypical ones come out blows my mind. There were so many of them and it seemed like if one didn't work the would put me in the hospital and start me on a new one. I wasn't tapered off any medications back then. They'd put in the psych unit, take me off what I was on, then start me on a new one, waited to see how I reacted to it and if it was good I was discharged, if not so good then they try something else.
To get in the hospital in my state, you have to be suicidal and/or a danger to others, attempted to take your life, or psychotic. If the police bring you in depending on what is going on one, the person either is admitted to the psych unit or the Crisis Center. Our state hospital has 90 beds for the state. The only way in is through a mental health board commitment. It has to be a commitment of at least a year. I don't know if that is good thing or not. I got of the subject there a bit.

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800 mg of seroquel helps me. I've tried geodon and went totally nuts. Everyone reacts to meds differently. It would be nice to just automatically know which ones will work for you and which ones won't.

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I am grateful for the replies.

I am frightened by the references to long-term hospitalization. The longest I have had was about five weeks. I don't know what you have to do for a long-term confinement but sure hope I won't ever do it.

I argued to my doctor that since I started on Risperdal I have gained 100 pounds due mostly to Risperdal. I wasn't fat before it. He and his supervising doctor insisted that I gained the weight because I was inactive and overeating. I think that the Risperdal had a lot to do with it. But my doctor, psychiatrist, has refused to try another atypical antipsychotic. About a year ago I tried Latuda, and whether because of that I don't know but I then ended up in a hospital twice (2013 has been an awful year for me and my mental health).

But I have hope. I am getting in touch with my other side and finally losing weight. I think I could feel better on a different drug and may ask my doctor about Abilify in January. Meanwhile I am okay on Risperdal (and Lamictal and trazodone).


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