Where is a good facility for mentally ill people.

I'm looking for a place for my self not a group home but more like assisted living for mentally ill but that accepts younger people like 27 years old.

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Hi Bek,

I can only tell you some ideas from what I know about mental health treatment and assisted living facilities in Massachusetts. I've heard that California has some similar health programs to Mass., but I also recall someone on Inspire with a similar request to yours, asking for their sibling, I believe, and not findind many options.

So as you probably know, most or all assisted living facilities are private. So, if you do find one that takes younger people with mental health diagnosis, I think you would be paying high rent, a few thousand a month. On the other hand, if I recall you are a veteran, and they have a program called Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension, which helps pay for assisted living. Google that and also have you tried getting your PTSD rating changed to service connected? I know it takes forever, it did for my dad, but I can't imagine the military did not contribute to it, even after they accepted you when you had it from early life, and they shouldn't.

So, also the VA has alot of mental health programs, something called domicillary, where at veteran can live and get treatment, for one. Are you getting any care through them now? If not, do you work, or get SSI or SSDI? Knowing this might help.


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