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As a part of my education i have to spend a semester studying in China, I have been here for 2 weeks and have almost lost it a few times. This trip has tested every coping skill i have, pushed me to the limits and dame near killed me, literally they are insane drivers here. The other day i went to the largest budda in the world, and almost had a panic attack. I found my self standing in a line of hundreds with prople who have no sense of personal space. They were standing on top of me, bumping in to me, leaning on me, coughing on me, and shoving cameras in my face to take my picture because they have never seen a white person before. After 2 hours of this i found my self trapped with no escape. No way to turn back, no way to push forward, i was standing on a rock stair case that was made a thousand years age and was about as wide as i am. Just when i was about to blow a girl from my class looked at me and realized something was not right and asked if she could help. I told her i need to take myself out of here somehow. She had an amazing idea, she gave me her ipod and put on some real relaxing music. On top of that she also grabbed my camera and told me to look through my pictures that i have taken so far. It saved me!! It was exactly the right thing to do!! I looked at her and asked how she knew what to do and she said that her boyfriend is bipolar and she is used to it. i was shocked because she has no idea that i suffer from bipolar disorder. I feel as if god knew i might need help on this trip and sent us together. So for all of you travelers... help will find you in the most remote locations.

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Thanks for sharing - awesome ending! Strength in numbers is a fabulous name!

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I am glad you enjoyed it, it is more of a journal entree but just felt like opening it up to everyone. Just wanted to let people know that help id out there in the most unexpected places. Thanks the name just seemed to fit the help i have found here.
Hope to talk to you more soon.

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