waking up with anxiety attacks!

Having horrible dreams one after another during the night. I do take xanax 1 mg a day, but these panic attacks in my sleep are very new. Does anyone else have these? How are you preventing them?

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Hi mgmama,
I have been through PTSD and anxiety for years. It may seem counter-intuitive but horrible dreams one after another at night can actually indicate waves of healing. I imagine you are in therapy with the xanax, so it helps to talk things out while you do what I am telling you. Journaling helps. Also:

If you can when you awaken write them down and then look up what they mean, and I do not mean the freaky etherial but the recognised phscyhological meanings often you will see that you are entering a new time of your life or that you know something about someone or that you are uncovering a new memory. Since this is a lot to deal with the dreams can be frightening.

I learned to face my dreams by figuring out what they were and becoming more active in them by writing them down upon awakening and figuring out what they were. It took practice but I had recurring nightmares for years, and I finally turned on my "monsters" and talked with them and they turned out not to be so bad. I hugged the frightened little children and I found safety for the children during the tornadoes, and I found my way home when I was lost. It is worth the time and effort.
Heart sis -mersable

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P.S. Check with pharmacist to see if Xanax is contributing to your dreams...-mersable

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I take Effexor , where Paxil and Celexa did not help and I would sit straight up in
Bed from horrible weird dreams with a full on panic attack at 2:30 am, not 2:29 or 2:31
Always 2:30 am. Paxil and Celexa did help the depression fade but not
The dreams or panic attacks.

I know everyone is different but sometimes you have to try a different class of meds.

Xanax is to addictive. Effexor is an SNRI, serotonin norepinephrine repute inhibitor and
Works perfectly for me. So nice to sleep!

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