ok, so where do you suggest I go, sister won't take me in, no one will take me in....police are laughable, dog is very sick, cannot leave dog with him, sister told me to drop dead, so where then can I is not livible any more, you want me to live with you, will you hold my hand to go to family court with me.....where can I get a bodyguard to help me out, where can I get anybody....husband and his g/f wants me dead

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I may not know you or your situation, but can I please tell you - just hold on! You are not alone...((hugs)).

this is just a terrible phase you are going through. This, too, will pass. Don't let this phase defeat you!!

As first step, you can call suicide helpline = but if it doesn't work for you, stay put, wherever you are. Do you have a roof over your head right now? Since you have access to internet, I think you may have - so stay put. Cry, shout, do whatever it takes to cope, but don't take the last step yet...

If you are looking for human contact, do you have a friend at whose place you can crash for the night? Don't stay alone...

No matter what, this will pass. If good phases in life pass, so will shitty phases. It may seem impossible, but trust me...give it time. Time can heal the most terrible wounds.

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Hi Heppy,

Are you familiar with these people (affiliated with same organization that sponsors this online support group)? The seem to have an "emotional distress" hotline, 1-800-lifenet, or Their main site is: I'm sorry I have less experience with the criminal justice side of things, but are you saying they will not give you a restraining order if these people have shown to be a danger to you, or assign you an attorney if you have to appear in family court for some reason? I'm hoping others on here will know more about those things, if those are the problems.


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You are not alone. That's why you were smart and got online to this site. Please listen to the advice above. They are right.
You need time away from the A-hole and the gf. They both sound like despicable people who are in serious need of karma adjustments.
Seek out a friend or family if they are within reach. IF you go to a church turn to the minister or priest and they will help you. That's their passion in life. If you cannot find someone that knows and cares for you then find a shelter. You need time away from the stress. Do NOT let that man diminish or abuse you. There is no court of law or decent human being that would tolerate his actions.
Keep looking - You are not alone. Reach out and there will be someone to help.

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Everyone has given you good advise on the discussion and the one you wrote previously. If you feel that you can not hold out any long, than you must call 911 or get to the hospital somehow. I understand that your dog means alot to you. Hopefully the humane shelter will foster him out temporarily. But your health and sanity is the most important thing right now. I am sorry that so many people have failed youwhen you reached out for help. Please continue to reach out anyway for that person or doctor that will believe in you.

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Please call 911, they have to help you. Hold on your life is precious, don't waste it. Love and prayers to you.

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hi, back again, thanks for your wonderful replies....Now I am very sick with a knifelike pain in my left is horrible, oxycodine and bentle help somewhat, taking it too much though.....

I have been to 4 orthopedics drs, and and the lst one said hip implant, and the last one said it's not coming from the hip, it is coming from the I need to have physical therapy, starting tomorrow, I am in agony at the end of the day, bentle and oxy helps, and I am taking too much of each, but the pain is horrible. I went to a chiropractor and he helped for awhile, then he did something that I was screaming in pain for a few days, and I called him, he told me he won't do what he did again...but then I went to an ortopedic dr., and she said the pain could be fibroids as I have hugh fibribs in the groin area, and made appt with gyno, right now I am sick to my stomach.

My sister never called me again....I told her about my marriage problems,asked her if I could stay a few days, and she said one day, and in the living room at that, never would call her again....

You start thinking things, you know....Now I am thinking that my husband and his girlfriend are trying to KILL me....Sadly, I have no one to go to except a man with as many problems as myself. I don't want to get into a worse mess.

I prob will file for divorce, but I can only do one thing at a time.


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Take care of your health first. The other will take a lot longer and your need to be out of pain and away from the stress.
What does your doctor advise?
Have you found a place to live? A friend? the hospital? your place of worship? a shelter?

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Hello. I would not say that I am suicidal. I do not have a plan. I won't commit suicide, because I would then go to Hell. Anything is better than that. And my suicide would hurt my mother terribly.

But why has it occurred to me so often today?

I don't have a plan, but sometimes I see myself falling from a building. Pills would be easier but might not work.

I feel better having said this.

I want to live without suicide occurring to me. One thing is that I am letting my mother help me too much and do too much around the house. I want to be someone who helps and takes care of his mother, but she does everything. Suicide occurred to me as a way to prevent myself from hurting anyone again.

I need help with food. I have had a terrible food-day today, and that has affected my mood. I've got to eat right, and doing that is unprecedented in my life except for in a mental hospital.

I feel a lot better now. I'm grateful for this site and for the topic. I had thought that I would not be able to talk about suicide here. Anything is better than suicide.

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Alan, I am glad your able to express your feelings here. I am also glad that you will not commit suicide. That would hurt everyone. Its good that you know what you need to do, and maybe if you try to do one thing right now to help your mom, and let her know you want to help her that would be a good start. As far as the eating, same thing tomorrow try to eat something thats good for you and you will feel physically better. I wish you the best. Lori

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my stomach hurt since I had colonosky, and I took a few too many pills to calm it down, and I am fantasy land now.

So, in a few hours, I prob will feel less drugged.

But the lawyer said it would take 90 days. I am going to ask my friend if I can stay the night.or go to a hotel. How does one live with a soon to be x.

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