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I can't even take a class on depression offered by a local church without feeling uncomfortable in the group. Any suggestions? I am scheduled to begin attending group therapy at my local CMH soon. However I will get to see my counselor still once a month.

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So the class is about depression? I just wanted to be more clear on what you need help with so I can give you the best advice possible.

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Yes the class is about depression.
thank you for answering my post

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I forgot to mention that I am really sick of winter here where I live. Anybody else?

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I also forgot to mention that I used to work as a social worker in the mental health field and I haven't really gotten over the bad feelings I have about losing my job, my life was really messed up at that time. I have over come a lot of that it's been 8 years. But I still feel very uncomfortable out in the community when I have to admit that I need help. There I said it.

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I think if you believe in yourself you will do great in the class. Take nites and write any questions you may have on the subject and see if the instructor will answer them for you. Depression is a very complex disorder and theres a lot to understand about it. I think if you have a social worker degree you must be very smart. Have confidence in yourself. The economy isn't the greatest. Keep your head up.

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Thank you for the encouragement. I could ask more questions.

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