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I am writing to ask for your help. I have had a friend for 30 years who at my request was asked to see a mental health professional and he was, subsequently, diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He was prescribed Zoloft but would not take a mood stabalizer as it would "ruin his sense of humor." At the time, for the most part, he was doing fine and we had alot of fun together. As the years passed, he would start experimenting with his dosage of Zoloft and would self-medicate with alcohol. He has also been diagnosed as an alcoholic. I told him that I didn't respect the way he was treating his illness and that I would not tolerate how he treats me when he is manic--shouting, nasty, contolling as well as self-centered. I realize that these are symptoms of mania but that doesn't mean that I have to be verbally abused. His response has always been to downplay what happened (if he remembers, I don't know.) He told me that at one point before I ever met him that he was at his favorite bar and was convinced that the peanuts on the bar were poisoned. As the years have passed, he has become obsessed with the government and will start screaming to get his opinion heard. Our friendship has disintegrated into a phone friendship. He is now retired and boats all the time. I get very sea sick and have not been on his boat. I don't know if he resents this but the paranoia is getting worse and I can't imagine being on the lake alone with him. He called the other night after a family funeral and, once again, he started ranting and raving about the government and how the president has appointed ten czars to the solution of gun control is that there will be no ammunition eventually for people with handguns. I finally lost my temper after his berating remarks to me and, once again, he hung up. Could someone please help me understand what it's like to be bipolar and to let me know if paranoia is a characteristic of the disorder. Thanks so much for your help. I feel very hurt and don't know if what he says is meant to be so mean spirited towards me or if this is his illness talking. I have been put on an Celexa after my brother comitted suicide and I know how low life can get. I wish you all well being and the best of health.

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I say its the ilness, but you must think of your peace of mind. You do not need any form of frustration, if possible......since your brother's suicide. You may have to back up some from your friend, until he make up his mind to do the right thing in getting help with meds and stop drinking. Drinking on the meds is very dangerous!!! I send you my regrets for your brothers death. You take care.

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ma'am bi-polar has paranoia, phycosis, schizophrenia,and the list goes on it is one horrible illness we drink to self medicade but with all drinking a person isn't in there right mind, and bi-polar last for years and goes through alot of stages such as some i listed you have so many thoughts that goes through your head and if you get focused on one thats all you will think about a person can make a suggestion just joking and we take it seriously and to the extreme, your friends has a hard way to go with this if you think hes is being out of control with you i don't know what to tell you cause there are stages of this when being around at the wrong time is the wrong thing sorry Greg

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I thank you so much for answering my post. Moreover, I thank you for your kindness regarding my welfare and your sympathy for my brother's death. For whatever reason you are on this site, I wish you and/or your loved one peace and health. Thanks again and be well!

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Gregory, thanks for answering my post and offering insight into what bipolar individuals have to go through. I know that they can go into psychosis; however, I did not know that schizophrenia was a component of the illness. Additionally, thanks for the insight into the fixation an individual may experience that might lead to paranoia. I wish you peace and wellness.


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