Residential Care Facilities for Schizophrenia Patient?

Hello everyone,

My sister has been battling paranoia schizophrenia for the past 10-13 years now. As there have been a few flare ups, for the most part, her schizophrenia has been sustained through the use of medication which is clozapine. However, just recently, the clozapine has stopped working and does not seem to work as it should and as it used to previously. Now, she is hearing voices and acting on them. She has lived at home with my brother, my mother, and I, under our supervision. Once an avid screen writer she suddenly "fell" into one of her stories and hasn't been the same ever since.


I need to find a way of figuring out a living situation for my sister. Whether it be programs that she attends from morning to night or whether it be a living situation. As me and my family gets older and its starting to get harder and harder to keep up with her illness. She needs medical attention. Whether in the form of a residential care or daily program. After seeing county board-in cares, I dont think i can feel good about myself leaving my sister at a county boarding care where they're level of treatment and care is very low. Does anyone out there happen to know if there is a place where i can get like funding support for her or perhaps a scholarship type fund to pay for her care at a somewhat decent residential care? I've tried everywhere and can't seem to figure this out. I am hoping that maybe this forum can help me a great deal in my unsolved questions. Thanks.

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Hello, I am so sorry for your sister and you and your family. I have an ex sister-in-law who has suffered from the same illness since she was a teenager and is now in her 60s. Whenever the tx stopped working she would have shock therapy and then the medicine would then work again. She had lived on her own on and off with the state programs. When the medicine was working she did very well, and Iv'e only seen her once in 16 years have issues, in person that is. I hope others will respond and offer some suggestions.

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