RE-: Isolated and indoors due to sleetstorm;-

Hi I'm Andrew in Madison, WI adult wondering if there's anybody also in Madison, WI who can reach out to me here !! :)

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The words you used to describe your situation is cause for concern. Would you like to talk it about it more? Im not in WI, but Im willing to communicate with you via this site to help you if I can.

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Hi ! C187K !!
I'm a deep thinker by trade, & most people AREN'T nearly as "expressive" as me-
I'm glad I have societal "roots", & they're a bit "expressive" too like my Co-Facilitator Richard
of my group;-
My problem is i'm living in a land where the people show a TOTAL LACK OF "EXPRESSION" & then you wonderr why the rest of the World is in disarray- ;
Please write me back here!!
Again everyplace IS different, & again i'm originally from New Jersey!!

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C187K -: My co-facilitator Richard is also originally from out East-
He was born in Pittsburgh;-

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That's interesting you say that the comment is because you are a deep thinker, I don't doubt that you are. However, your choice of words was concerning to me. Im not sure what group you are referring to, but being on the East Coast is okay. I miss the West, Im originally from Colorado. Nothing compares to the majestic Rocky mountains, and people think there are mountains in NY...nope, those are hills.
I hope you have found someone close to you to talk to. Jersey is so expensive, not to mention you cant buy anything from certain counties on Sunday-everything is closed. of all the places you have lived, which one do you like the best and why?
How are you dealing with your isolation?

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People out here in WI NOT too friendly-
Wish I had the help to help me and my fiancee move...

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