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I'm on ablify 20 mg....and it's not working no matter what time I take it. I see the physiatrist on the 24 of this month. I was thinking if asking to be switched to the lunesta (the one with the green butterfly) ok here's my question :) has anyone had success with that one or do you have a suggestion of what might work?

Thanks in advance

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I have taken lunesta, but I was addicted to ativan really bad at the time, and during that peirod of time, nothing worked but ativan. sorry I cant be of more help with experence. I had a friend that takes it and she says it works great for her. so I guess it just depends on the person and where you are at.

good luck


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Ok thanks

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Abilify made me very anxious. So now I am on just 1mg ativan. Also with clozaril which is hard to come off of.


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Ok thanks for y'all's help

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Be very careful with lunesta. If you have depression, bipolar or not it can make suicidal tendencies worse. Try taking supplemental L Tryptophan at night about 1/2 hr before bed. Its not dangerous. It is an an amino acid that our bodies need and is derived from our foods. Many with depression any form are low in serotonin. Serotonin is not predominately made in the brain like most drug companies and doctors would have your believe but in your gut. Your gut is the second brain of the body. Without adequate function, the brain can't function well either. I would try the tryptophan of 3 100mg of 5 HTP before turning to another drug. Neither one of these supplements are addictive, No they will not make you manic.

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Ok I was put on trazodone to help me sleep..so far it's been working..thank you though for your suggestions

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I was on ability for years and I believe it was the root cause of my horrible anxiety. I'm no longer on it and have not experienced extreme anxiety in over a year. Best of luck :)

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