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My husband and I would like to start a family but I currently take medication for anxiety and depression. I'm trying to find other woman who have been through this and how you dealt with it. Trying to find doctors who specialize in this because so far I've had no luck finding any in the NY area.

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I have had two wonderful children (one right after the other) after years of medical issues that include anxiety, depression, panic attacks (then back problems, my stomach doesn't work, just to name a few) At age 18 I was warned that I would not get pregnant without a lot of medical help.
Well, they were wrong. What I did learn was to talk to your doctor that is prescribing your medications and let them know what you plan to do. I could take all of my depression medications, etc. up until the last Trimester. Also, I was considered "old" and "high risk" to have a baby at my age of 38, plus all the other weird medical stuff I have going on. However my first pregnancy was not found until I was four months pregnant so it was a different situation as I did not have time to wean off my med's. and a bunch of wacky medical things happened to me, but my son is a happy and healthy little boy.
My second pregnancy I just "knew" I was pregnant so got with my OB-GYN and my other doctors that prescribed anything to me and we worked together to see what needed to be taken away. Actually, I did not have to stop taking anything except the anxiety medication, but the strange thing was I didn't really need it. Even though I was stressed about having a baby with so little warning then having another baby without my body being able to heal completely.
Talk to your doctors now, all of them, and discuss what you can do about your medication and what the chances of side effects could be and way the risks with your feelings- Also, make sure your doctors actually communicate with each other. It's hard but I managed to get 10 doctors to keep up with each other, not an easy task!
The out come was well worth everything I went through and now all my doctors know exactly who I am :)

Best of luck.

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Thank you so much for responding. I've had so much trouble finding information on this and other women who have experienced this. I'm very nervous about going off of my anxiety medication since I have been on it for 10 years. I can't imagine functioning without it but it makes me feel better that you went off of it and you were ok. Did you go back on it after you gave birth?

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