Planning A Trip (In The US) This Summer . . .

Not sure where I am going . . . have a sinking feeling I don't belong here in upstate New York. Have one "good acquaintance" and a few people who "feel sorry for me" (not comfortable with that at all). Have a another few people who are "civil" to me out of politeness (glad no one is actively hating me here! LOL!) Realize that what is good for one person is not necessarily good for another, wonder if anyone has any places they can recommend I visit. Not comfortable being alone. Should I try internet dating service for "relationship-oriented" individuals? Should I go to a travel agency, although I am on a fact-finding mission rather than a vacation. Or, do I NEED a vacation, so that my head could clear? Look forward to your replies . . . Thanks!

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Hi, I'm from upstate ny and was there until my early 40's, had a great job with kodak and was finally able to get transferred to southern CA. The Adirondacks and fall colors are great otherwise the place is a dump, would never live there again, worst winters and lack of sunshine are depressing. Why are you there??

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Dear Wilarps,
Lost my housing in NYC with only three weeks notice. Ten years ago I looked into San Francisco/Berkeley, and fell in love. Sadly, public housing was very poor and extremely long waiting list. Boy, did you hit the nail on the head! The place is a dump! Literally falling apart! Buildings collapsing or burning to the ground in MINUTES. Presently living in a MEN'S private college dormitory (I'm a woman) because the owner is a friend of my brothers'. Thank God my brothers are realizing I need assistance (the buses run hourly until 12 Noon and every 2 hours in the PM. Buses in Dutchess County ask you to fold shopping cart and in Poughikeepsie, you can't even bring shopping cart on the bus. Limit of 3 or 4 bags of groceries. Supermarkets here do not allow folding shopping carts like they do in NYC and no bicycles in their parking lots. People here are either very wealthy or very poor. The college students are frustrated as hell, busting their asses to graduate and get the heck out of here. They hate it! Putting applications into Orlando public housing, Hawaii public housing, senior housing and assisted living housing in Dutchess County. Turned down Harlow Row Apartments in Poughkeepsie (transitional housing) and Hudson River Lodging, also transitional housing. Did research and learned Poughkeepsie is one of top ten cities in US with the HIGHEST crime rates! Do you have any ideas? I lived in Brooklyn for ten years taking care of an autistic man in the Projects in exchange for a place to live (paid half his rent). His father died and his 83 yo mother decided to take it on. Now she's 84 and he's 57. I'm 55. Miss the city terribly, but it has been going downhill since 2008 and six months before Super Storm Sandy really going down hill, and since the storm, REALLY going down hill. Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, used to be a beautiful neighborhood! Thank you for caring.

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