No Longer Able to be a 'Super Volunteer' . . .

Finally found a kind and supportive church that I can walk to. In the past, was very active in volunteer work, both in church and in the community. Because of health problems, can not pitch in like I used to. Working on reinventing myself and accepting that I will have to help in less physically demanding ways. Has anyone had to find less physically demanding ways to give back to church and community?

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All you need to be is be you people will understand. You can still be a volunteer. But in a different way. Just be there for people and be there friend if they need a ear for listening.

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Dear Aty,
I am exploring hobbies for the first time in many decades. Now I help people out (which I have been doing for decades, along with physically demanding volunteer work) informally by doing what I call "sidewalk counseling." In Brooklyn, it was mostly children that I counseled, but in Florida and now in upstate New York, I counsel mostly adults. I am careful to know my limits (I am not a professional). Mostly, I try to learn information, and pass it on, such as how to get Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, discounted bus passes, low-income housing, etc. I will be telling the church that due to poor health, I can not do physically demanding volunteer work. Will explain what I am doing informally, and that I can do similar work for the church. Aty, thank you for caring. I love your thumbnail!

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