My Sister In Law Reached Out To Everyone But Me . . .

Dear Friends,
Last night I got my first e-mail from my sister in law, (considering how much time she spends on the computer and phone, amazed she NEVER calls/e-mails me!) It said, "Monica, you may be interested in this . . . " and since I shared I was on a plateau with my weight loss, and knew we both were a fan of Dr. Oz, I clicked on the hyperlink, Dr. Oz's Red Raspberry Ketone Vitamins. I read the article and watched the video, which featured Dr. Oz. (The next morning I contacted Dr. Oz's staff and shared with them what happened because I felt this may have been from a disgruntled person that tried to advertise with him and was turned down or someone jealous of his success.) I called my sister in law to thank her for thinking of me, and she shared that she didn't send the e-mail, and that it was a virus. I asked her to please ask my brother to call me as soon as possible. He never called. The next morning I asked why he didn't call, and she said she FORGOT to tell him! After she told me it was a virus, as soon as I hung up, I called my other brother to warn him the e-mail from her was a virus, and to delete it. He told me she had contacted him HOURS AGO to warn him of this! Had I not called her to thank her, I would never had heard from her! SHE CALLED EVERYBODY ELSE and "FORGOT" ONLY ME! Last night she didn't even want to talk to me because she was having a half hour conversation with somebody! WITH A FAMILY LIKE THIS, I HAVE NO REASON TO REMAIN IN UPSTATE NEW YORK! THEY HAVE NEVER CHANGED! MY MOTHER WAS RIGHT--"I RAISED A BUNCH of MONSTERS!" Putting all of my energy into moving out of upstate NY. Am very sorry I bothered them! Am embarrassed of the family I came from--RUDE and CRUDE. Can't believe I come from a hillbilly, hick and redneck family! Need to get the man I cared for in Brooklyn and his mother to take me back. Very hard to accept I am a THROWAWAY, but always KNEW IT, even as a small child! Don't know if I will ever find love. Ever since I moved up here my life has gone downhill! Can't stand this place! Never will fit in or get used to it!

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So sorry you are having to deal with a family like that! Look past them and find others that care about you- just writing on here helps me a lot (and you've written back to me on my posts, which really helps me) You never know when you will find friends who actually turn out to be your "family" instead of the family you were born in. My best friend is a god send to me! She and I are closer than my sister and I (my sister lives 30 min away, my friend lives in TX!) Even my toddlers know exactly when I am talking to their Auntie (my friend) and they have no clue who my sister is... Personally, when everything on my end is settled (my divorce due to my husband not being able to deal with me having disabilities) I plan to look to adopt another animal from a shelter. I will always have the love of my children, but there is also the love of saving a creatures life as well- Please stay strong and you will find what you need when you least expect it.
Hugs to you!

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