my Dad is off of his meds, again...

My Dad was diagnosed bi-polar/manic depressive with schizophrenic tendencies back in 97, he was 45 yrs old at the time. He has had 2 different doctor's since then. He was initially just given depakote. He took it for awhile, constantly complaining of sleeping too much, and having no energy. Long story short, my dad is off of them again and he's having grandiose delusions, such as being good friends with the local head Deputy sheriff, and that he was going to be in a ride along program. He thinks the local police are tracking him thru his cell phone. He told me he is going to organize a union for Walmart and be the president.
Now my Dad back in the day. He was the best at his job. He built printing presses, and later became an expiditer. His driving, when he's off his meds is atrocious at best. Last time this happened I spoke up and he ended up in the mental health ward for 6months, and almost lost his house and freedom. They actually had him in a nursing home at one point.
He is out

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your dad is not alone it what he thinks schizophrenia is hard to go through, and hard to watch i love one go through, i thought they had cameras in the house,in the car listen schizophrina you hear them voice that know everthing about you its like you talk to your friends except there is know one there ,they can convince you of anything and if your dad thinks they are tracking him through his phone i bet good money he also thinks they can hear everything that he says,i thought that everything that tv said was focused on me , this actually happen i was set in a chair the voices were talking to me they said you better get up and answer the door tina is here and sure enough there was aknock on the door and it was tina,things like this happened all the time they can make you believe anything until they have also lied to you so much i would just fuss, argue and cuss them it take awhile to get eveything in your mind right again tell your dad to go ahead an start that union, tell him to get in that ride along with the police its only after he figure out for his self the voice are ful of it, that he what listen to them or act on what they say and it is along road ya'll are all in for but he can come out of it in time this take time, its just like you seeing in start to rain you go tell your wife its raining 5 minutes later she goes and look and the clouds and rain you seen have cleared up, she says your crazy it a sunshinie day , but you seen it rain every thing your dad tells you he believe and let me tell you he believe this with all his heart even if you don't see the rain i hope you understand this, support what he say or does don't be abjective to it he will come through this

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I am sorry to hear your Dad is having so much trouble it is a tricky disease but understand that he has made in his mind a reasonable way that all his delusions could come true, try to have him video tape his ideas and beliefs if you have a phone and create the idea of a time capsule where he can believe that all his delusions will happen eventually but it is out of his control so he should wait till he is 60 or 70 before the police acknowledge his ideas and that Walmart would even need a union. Psychologically spreading a time gap for the delusions will help this situation. And your right he shouldn't be driving his mind is in another world, a puzzle that is just wanting to be solved but has to be redone everyday. Hope this helps


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