looking for others who do art for self help

I am very socially isolated and do art every day to help me cope with depression, anxiety, IBS, myalgia, GERD. I am trying to find ways to use my art to get connected with other people in a non threatening situation. I have been avoiding groups. I am scheduled to begin group therapy soon and will still see my counselor, too. But my artwork is the biggest part of my life and when I am working I feel good. Anybody else feel the same way? Have you found ways to connect with others through your art? My counselor and I have been trying to come up with ways for me to sell my work.

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Where do you live? In Evanston, Illinois at The Vineyard church they have a small group that just started called Hope for Artists, and it is about healing through your art, healing for yourself and others. Maybe there is a group like that near you. The group/class is also encouraging with ideas and prayers to help you grow with your projects, like to find ways to get your art for sale.

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I worked as an artist for many years until my health made it impossible. I sold lots of work. Now I just use a cyber tablet and "paint" and draw on the computer since it is less physically demanding. I am very lonely. very isolated. I love to do art as a means of self expression and it also helps me to reach out to people. When I post my artwork on FB people always respond and it helps me to connect.

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I like your ideas about the church group and facebook. I will post on facebook and see if any of my friends respond. I wonder if somehow I could start a group?

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Are you looking to do just an art group or an art as healing group? It would be cool to find someone wiht a degree in Art Therapy to help you run your group. YOu could maybe check at a local college and see if they have an Art Therapy dept and maybe talk to some of the students or graduates and see if they would be interested. You could maybe get a group of artists together and chip in a little money for the services of the art Therapist. I would love to do something like that. I'm profited enormously from art therapy in my lifetime.

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I'd love to be an art therapist myself but the chances of that are slim. I'd like to have an art for healing group. I have a bachelors in social work and did some time as an activities person at a nursing home. I used to encourage my clients to do some sort of artistic expression and I know it helped many of them, also in another job when I had consumers with mental illness. Of course, NOW I are ONE. But I like the idea of doing something that would help others. I can't work like I used to but maybe I could regain some of my dignity as a professional by starting a group. There is a peer drop in group that I was encouraged to join. Maybe I could start something there? I don't know how much I can handle right now. I need to take it slow.

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Am exploring art as there are very few volunteer opportunities where I live. Was artistically talented in elementary through high school. A small town near my town has many art galleries. Hope to connect with artists, if I indeed still have talent. To sell your art online, please check out the website, www.etsey.com. Good luck!

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