Ketamine for Depression relief

So This is what I have learned about Ketamine as posted on my Doctors website:
Ketamine Infusion Therapy
Ketamine is an anesthetic medicine that was developed nearly 50 years ago and has been safely used since that time for both children and adults. More recently, research has demonstrated that Ketamine may be administered intravenously in doses far below those used for surgery to provide rapid relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety. Whereas most of the currently available treatments take weeks to months to improve symptoms, Ketamine can provide significant improvement in symptoms of Major Depression, depression associated with Bipolar Disorder, and certain pain and anxiety disorders within hours."

What do people think about this? Has anyone tried it? I am supposed to start it on September 1st or around there. My doctor has high hopes for it, I am hopeful, but cautious. Any thoughts?

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I'm curious to hear about it too. I'll have to do some investigation! I have drug resistant depression so wonder if ketamine provides any relief from it?
Personally, if you've tried a lot of different medications and nothing's really worked...I'd go for it unless you get a lot of negative feedback (from people who've actually tried the medication - not from people just giving you their opinion!)

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Isn't ketamine an illegal drug ? ---referred to as Special K--- and don't people have trippy experiences like K-Holes because of ketamine?

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OH NO! Yes, it is Special K, but apparently it is a very low dose. It is supposed to be so low that it treats the depression with out many risk of being addicted. And apparently it does have a "Trippy" like experience attached to it. My doctor even said the word "trippy" which made me laugh. I am nervous because of what he described to me as the experience, but he said no one has ever asked him to turn off the infusion because of the experience. My appointment is September 5th? I am not sure, but it is in like a week or two.
I will try to let you guys know after the infusion what it was like.

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If nothing else works and you're working with an excellent psychiatrist, it's worth trying. My doctor has me on dextroamphetamine (aka speed) but I can't even tell a difference before/after taking it! My brother is also on it and he definitely feels a difference. I've tried a lot of meds that are supposed to be addictive, but haven't ever had a problem with wanting to increase them.


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