It gets un-bareable at night for me!!!

Due to my trauma while living at home with my moms husband... I have extreme issues about being up at night, I'm shaking, hard to breathe, and light headed, I actually ended up fainting the 12th of this month because I got so wound up! I need something to help at least until I see the psy in October (23rd)... I actually had some suicidal thoughts due to the extremes of my PTSD is lately. Any suggestions? Thank y'all so much in advance!! <3

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Hi perfect-chaos,

It sounds like you got some suggestions in the replies to your post earlier in the week. Did any of those help at all? I am sorry to hear your psych appt. is almost a month away. Do you see any other doctors in the meanwhile, or could you call in and ask for an urgent appointment? Do you currently take any meds, and/or see a psychtherapist? (Not sure what the psych does for you?)

I would also say I've known someone with compulsion to cut who benefitted greatly from a support group. Have you looked into any of those in your area? They psych might know of some, or you could search online also. Good luck with it all. I think those who replied to your earlier discussion had it right, it may be difficult to control completely, but there are things to manage it.


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Sounds like you had a panic attack with the shaking, trouble breathing, and light headedness.
Panic attacks are scary, and in time, with meds, and therapy they can be managed...I see this is an older post, so I just wanted to add this, I hope it makes your panic attacks a bit less scary...

First, generally a panic attack lasts less than 90 seconds even though it feels much longer, so check your watch the next time you have one and time it...see how long it lasts, and know you can get through 2 minutes of panic

Second, if it lasts longer, and you do faint again, don't worry. Fainting during an extended panic attack is the body's way of ending the panic attack. During the brief black out, your body naturally lowers it's heart rate, and slows respiration.

So, as scary as a panic attack is, know that they generally only last seconds, and if they go beyond seconds, your body will naturally end the panic attack, lower your heart rate, and slow respiration, by harmlessly fainting for a brief period of time.


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