I just joined this group. (new to this) All i see is 2 and 3 year old of comments. Is there any recent journals or comments out there? Would love to chat with bp ppl.

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Hi Caring person,

If you click on your own screen name at the very top left corner of whatever Inspire page you are on, that will bring you to your "homepage" on here which lists all the newest discusssions started in this and any other Inspire group you join. It is not unusual for only one or two new discussions to be started in a given day in a given group, like in this group today.

If you click on the name of this Inspire group over toward the right side of the page, it will list all recent activity for the group, including older posts where someone has said something new just today. There are around a dozen listed new posts today.

Also you can always search in the search box for your group or all of Inspire groups, for whatever topics you are looking for.


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Thank you wrk for responding. Right after i posted that i found the recent ones. I'm workin my way around here. thanks again

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I am new as well. I have a bipolar teen and looking for advice and support as I work with her.

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Hi, I am married and live with my hubby and two sweet pups. I was dx with Bipolar Disorder in 2002. I am in therapy & on medications. Right now I am currently stable, just came off being depressed for the past 8 weeks. If you have any questions about Bipolar feel free to let me know, I'll do my best to answer any questions you might have as Bipolar is a major part of me.


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Hello Caringperson,

I too am new to this site. My daughter has bipolar and was diagnosed 22 years ago. She has had periods of time that she functioned very well and times she was very bad. Right now she is living with me and is the worst she has ever been. Meds can help and meds can be a nightmare. My heart aches for her and sometimes I just want to scream from frustration.

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I'm sure my mom feels the same way about It's a day to day thing. I take Paxil for about 6 months then i have to get off of it cause my body gets use to it. Then be on something else for awhile then go back to Paxil. I love Paxil. I call it my happy pill.
Just try to be understanding and realize that we cannot help it sometimes. There are times i get so depressed and i just want to crawl under a rock and dissapear. Then i have days that i am on top of the world and can never understand why i was so depressed. I get excited about doing normal things, i do every day and when i'm depressed i get so aggrevated and can't do the same thing all the time. It seems like it something that triggers in our heads. That's why i say we can't help it sometimes.
She could need a med change. Have her call her doc and see what they say. HANG IN THERE MOM!!! =)

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Hi all, I'm new to the site also. I was diagnosed early 2004 during a major manic episode. I've had all this tme to accept and learn about bipolar 1, my brain disease. I'd be happy to share any incite, successes, failures, worries, ie,.... I'm in mania right now and more than willing to Overshare!

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