Hudson River Lodging & Harlow Row Apts. in Poughkeepsie, NY

Just got a call last Friday that I am on top of the list for "Hudson River Lodging," at 391 Manchester Rd., Poughkeepsie. Got feedback from friends that it is very dangerous. On their website, the room does have its own bath, but no freezer and no surface heater to heat a skillet. Just a six square foot fridge and mini-microwave. Study desk and chair. A recliner like you find in a nursing home/hospital. An adjustable table like that used in a nursing home/hospital. No carpeting. Of greatest concern, shows up as "high crime" in They have a "courtesy van," (they are not on the bus line). It is out in the boondocks where I can't walk anywhere.

Also, have been accepted on the waiting list for Harlow Row Apts., which also shows as a high crime area.

My friend's wife's brother, who is familiar with the area, says both properties are dangerous even in broad daylight. My friend, who was going to drive me to both of them, says he refuses to endanger himself and his wife by taking me. He suggested if I insisted, do not get off the bus or out of the cab. He said you will see what I mean as soon as you enter the neighborhood.

Tomorrow, calling the manager, thank her kindly, and ask her to destroy my application. When the manager of Harlow Houses contacts me, do the same thing.

Thank God am on the waiting lists of some good apartment complexes, but I am sure the wait will be longer.

Contacted PROS and asked if they can help me obtain housing. A friend told me they help people with all kinds of disabilities. Asked my social worker to write them a letter on my behalf.

Have applied to every public/assisted housing in Dutchess County.

Seeing several specialists to get medical validation in order to be considered for a senior assisted living center and/or senior apartments.

Also, considering vocational rehabilitation in order to find part-time work (20-25 hours/week) that is not physically demanding, to supplement my SSI/SSDI in order to be able afford a competitive apartment.

Would appreciate any feedback or ideas. Thank you very much.

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