Hi. I just found this group.

I have Sz, and have written a book about coping with it.

It's available at Amazon and SmashWords... and later this week, I will be doing a promo giveaway of ten copies.

If anyone is interested, they can check out my blog at

I'm really eager to get reviews for my book.

If anyone will commit to writing a review of it, I will give him or her a free copy.

I'm not trying to make money with the book - just to encourage and inspire fellow-sufferers, fight stigma, and provide some people with good, thought-provoking reading.

Also I'm just interested in sharing with others who have Sz. I use a few mental health chatrooms and forums... It's healthful to socialize.

So yeah, hi, how's yer Sz? lol.


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I have it. SZ. Complicates life. Like to hear what you've learned


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Hi Rodgersroyster.

Want a copy of the book?



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i have had it since 1999 what causes it!!!!!!!! do you know the answer.?

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hey uttley do you know what causes it ,if you wrote a book you must because if you don't know what causes it how can how can you give information about dealing with it and to ask a person (Hows your sz) and then lol is crazy

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Hi I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia it has been a trial dealing with it WRite me back to let me know you got this.

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Hi GregoryShane, Hi bermygirl.

GregoryShane, as I understand it, it is currently believed that the cause of Sz is a combination of genetics (susceptibility) and some sort of 'insult' (an experience in your life which triggers the disorder). I think the experience which triggered my Sz was living in a foreign country for 5 years. I didn't know the language there, and I was very alienated and lonely. Also, when I was young I smoked a lot of pot. I guess that could be a factor. I feel a lot of regret about my choice to use marijuana as a young man. But a part of my healing is to be very honest, so I don't mind talking about it, and I wrote about it in my book.

Bermygirl, yes -- dealing with Sz is a trial for sure. I find that talking about it helps.


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Uttley how did the voices act toward you what did they say or do i've had it since 1999 and know very well there effects and what they can do (very well) so if you would tell me a day with them im, curious of experiences with shizophrenia. thanks

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How long have you had schizophrenia i notice you didn't share any information about your self

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I have had Sz for 5 years. The voices were terrible when I was in psychosis, which I was for a very long time. They were non-stop and aggressive and LOUD. These days, with Abilify, they are very quiet and manageable. I am very grateful for good meds.

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