Googled "I Hate Where I Live" . . . And Guess What I Found!

Googled "I Hate Where I Live" and found out many blogs on this topic . . . and found that at least nine out of ten who hated where they lived were in a small town! Only one complained about living in a large city (Boston). Asked my counselor if she lived in my county . . . and she said no! I wonder why. (LOL) Making a vow to make the most of it while I am here. Trying to find every little good thing about where I am and avoiding every negative thing! In fact, writing down my thoughts and feelings and trying to set some goals!

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Good for you! Your determination to find the silver lining in your dark cloud will not only make your time in this town less miserable but will increase your endurance for future challenges.
I used to visit my cousin in the small town she grew up in (more of a tiny hamlet, really) and she really disliked it there, too. Her idea of moving to a more populated area when she left home was a bedroom community of a larger city! Having only a city- life myself I found that interesting. As a child her small community seemed quaint and even desirable. Now I understand her frustration more.
I'll be going to Mozambique in 4 weeks for a month. (My third visit). When I read of your google search my thoughts went to the 90% of the world's population who are too poor to be able to google anything. I wonder what their response would be to the question " what do you think of where you live?". In your quest for the positives I imagine a world view would help.
Are you any closer to being able to move? There's a goal you could look forward to, right?
All the best,

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Dear Sharon,
Today I found a very good Bible study that makes living in my small town more bearable. It is the mistreatment people dish out on each other that bothers me. But the towns to the north and south of me are even more horrible. Am on $817.00/mo. on Disability, and that money would go a lot farther in Ecuador. Have always gave back GENEROUSLY (elbow grease, not money, because I do not have a lot of money) to any community that I live in. Never experienced such cruelty, not even in NYC's worst neighborhoods. Not in the best health, so I have to be careful. Even my counselor does not like my county, and commutes across the river. Where she lives is not practical for me because of no public transit and the towns are even smaller, but are more friendly. Ideally, hoping to find a small circle of friends, as I am not looking to win a popularity contest. Did visit an office supply store to look at art supplies, and am going to look at a few other places that may have more choices and lower prices. Hope you enjoy your visit to Mozambique!
Yours truly,

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