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Living in the UK, I'd say we're relatively accepting here. The English love our Eccentrics, so if you act a bit odd that is often accepted. That doesn't mean the state loves it's mentally ill citizens. Policy is (no) Care in the Community and mental health resources seem to be either overwhelmed or uncaring and afraid that it's clients may become dependent on them if they actually offer help when needed. I live in a very multicultural city and it's clear that different cultures have very different views of mental illness.

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I'm from Alberta, Canada. We're also very multicultural in the cities. I've found that the more recent imigrants from less developed nations tend to hide their mentally ill family members and/or ignore them. Society as a whole doesn't understand how to interact with the mentay ill. Our health system is slow but available to everyone so whether you're homeless or independantly wealthy the care is there. We have many organizations, educational information opportunities and a generally open and accepting society. I've been really encouraged by people's positive attitudes and acceptance of the disabled in general. In my opinion I live in a very compassionate and enlightened place.

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People really don't know a whole lot about it, so they don't understand it. I've seen some people treated pretty badly because of it, and it's wrong.

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I read your remark to my husband concerning my typing screaming at you. I must apologize as I was unaware that capitalizing word
and sentences indicated screaming. I shall be more careful. I am new at posting on the internet and obviously ignorant regarding the
proper protocol.

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:D I was just wondering, I see it all the time and it gets on my nerves.
And When People Type Like This Too.

I'm like really? What the heck?

But yeah, it makes it seem like you are screaming when you do that or put exclamation points after everything.

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Thank you for explaining usage of chat etiquette.

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I love Canada. My son worked for the Royal Bank of Canada in Toronto, Ontario. We went to visit my son. We loved Toronto - so many
wonderful places to visit and the dining experiences were incredible.

My son was treated so well and he made so many lasting friendships.

We had a Saint Bernard named Micah and decided he could use a little company. My husband had been on a chat line with both owners
and breeders. By coincidence, he started chatting with a breeder residing in Stratford. Ontario. My husband asked her if we could come
and see the dogs and of course, meet her.

Some of her Saints had agents and she entered Dog Shows and had won international awards. We were astounded by the magnificence
of the facility.

She freely discussed her mental health issues ,( Bipolar Type I). Her husband , knowing how much joy she experienced regarding Saints had a 2 acre
facility built so she could own, breed. groom and sell dogs.and a would build the two acre facility as he knew how much she
loved breeding and attending dog shows.

She told us how many wonderful experiences regarding her dogs and it put her mental illness a side issue.

She did not have any pups available but she would put us on a waiting list. We only wanted our dog to be a pet.

She called to inform us that she had little girl for us. We then received an email with her picture. We decided to name
her Studel.

When Strudel was 16 weeks old, my son picked her up and made travel arrangements to fly to Maryland. Airlines
would only allow pets in the cabin 25 pounds or smaller. We had to purchase a carrier. The carrier turned out to be needless
as she poked her head out of the carrier and the other passengers all wanted to see her and hold her. Airline protocol went out
the window. When my son and Srudel entered the airport he was accompanied by a large entourage of admirers.

We remain in contact with the breeder. My son took another job when he married but he loved Canada. I would love another
opportunity to visit Canada. So many unique cultures residing in different territories. I loved Montreal - on our first anniversary
we went across Canada.

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