Geodon? has anyone tried it

hi im a 31 year old female whose suffered from anxiety..depression and bipolar..i just started Geodon last night....has anyone had any positive results to this medication?

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My husband is on Geoedon. When it was first prescribed we had never heard of it, but he has been on it for a year now and has had good results. It took a little while to begin working, but it did make a difference in his depression, which prozac and paxil never helped. He 42, suffers from severe anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. He also takes Xanax as needed. I do believe he needs something in addition to Geoedon, but it certainly has made him more stable.

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Hi I am new here,

Just thought I would say I am taking Geodon I took it for 4 years and then when I was getting into my mixed states, see I am bipolar 1 mixed states rapid cycler they started me back on it I believe I am on it for the irritability I have when in a mixed state I get very sensitive to what people say and get cranky very light to say for what I feel.

I am having success with it to answer your question it has made me calmer and I don't get too upset and am not as sensitive anymore, it did take about 2 weeks to work but it does help a lot, it is prescribed for many different reasons I here anyways.

Hope it is working for you


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I have been on Geodon for about 12 years now. I am no longer manic and it helps keep me from being irritable. I have not gained weight on it either like some bipolar meds pack on the pounds. It has been very helpful for me. Just don't skip a dose, take the meds exactly as prescribed.

Hope it helps your hubby.



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Hi I agree with ((KAY)) I do not ever miss a dose and it has helped me with my anger issues and it has put no weight on me either a really good med for me even though we are all different I have spoken to a lot of people whom have success rates on it.

Good luck jan

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