Found FREE Friendship (NOT Dating) Service

My Dear Friends,
Earlier I was asking if anyone could recommend an Introduction Service (Friends Only--NOT Dating) and I have found one! It is called It is NOT a support group but a positive, upbeat group that gets people together on the Internet based on common interests (they have groups) and by where you live. It is worth looking at! Made some friends there not based on my health problems. Great complement to Inspire! When someone brings up health-related problems there, I will tell them about Inspire. Look at them soon, as they may start charging $4.95 a month. All who join before they start charging remain free members. Please let me know how you like them.

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Dear Friends,
Found absolutely dead, and it is NOT the fault of the founder. On his part, saw great effort, but people did not have follow through. Think the reason is that people need face to face friendship, but Inspire thrives because the need for a safe space to share sensitive matter is of primary importance. Not angry or upset with Companiontree, but sad that it did not work out (for anybody). Will be forever grateful for Inspire, because what I talk about here I would never discuss anywhere else! Thank you, everybody, for your friendship and support!
Gratefully yours,

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