Finally Found a Supportive Church . . .

Finally found a supportive church that I could walk to. Today, this Sunday, I went to my second service. I was very impressed when people reached out to me, asked for me by name, and sat with me in church. Embarrassed to admit I literally live in front of a church from my original faith and they were cold and uncaring, even though I reached out to them and did volunteer work for them for six months. The second church I went to, their denomination I had very good experience with in Florida and Brooklyn, but here they were cold as ice. Unfortunately, I had to ask for a ride to church, and even people who passed my home refused to give me a ride. Another church I asked if I could attend their home Bible study group nearest me (I did not want to ask for rides to the church due to my earlier experience), but learned that none of the three or four members of the home Bible study group went by my house. This was church number three that I found a church home, that I could walk to. I was prepared to look at two more churches that I could walk to. Thankfully, my search is over. What I want to say is to not to give up. Keep knocking on doors. Sooner or later, a door will open!

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I'm so glad that you found the right church. Congrats for continuing to keep looking for the right one! I know that it's not easy, I had to go through that, too. My church is not perfect, but then people are not perfect. Anyhow, its good enough for me, I feel comfortable there and know that the people mean well. Some are more committed to the Lord than others.

I am so happy for you! This is good news! So nice that you can walk there. I have to drive many miles to get to mine.

I pray that this church will allow you to get a have a closer walk with the Lord.

God Bless,

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Thank you for your friendship and encouragement, Slyn24!

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