Fear--I have many fears, maybe paranoia, that I can acknowledge and name

I have found it helpful to name (specific) fears and say them to someone else. Then I am less fearful. I do not know whether I have paranoia. I think I'm just scared of a lot of things most of the time.

I have found that expressing my fears in parentheses et cetera helps me reveal them from inner depths of my troubled mind. Please read this.

(I fear my mind. [I fear thoughts of suicide. {I fear poverty. ((I fear losing my mother, my main caregiver. [[I fear being hospitalized. {{I fear sexual activity.}} I fear females.]] I fear the world.)) I fear my social worker.} I fear schizoaffective disorder.] I fear Hell.)

Thank you.

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As an ideal, just picture yourself as a child feel, cry or just love yourself. You are perfect. with respect and best wishes;
I'm afraid too.

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Thank you, Roy. That worked. Alan

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