Drug Use By Roommates . . .

Presently live in a men's private college dormitory since August 1, 2012. Very grateful as it is not the homeless shelter! Sadly, a new student almost openly uses marijuana and the other student was using (I am sure) powder cocaine and crack. I know because in the Projects in Brooklyn I know the smell of every drug! This is the first time it was in the apartment that I am occupying, not the apartment next door. Thankfully, there are no drug dealers coming by, because we are located in an elementary school zone. Last Friday got a call from "transitional housing," which offered me a room for about the same price. Checked the address on www.crimespot.com and it came up just as dangerous as my location in Brooklyn! My present address comes up "crime free," clean as a whistle! There is tension between these two students and I as they know I do not approve of drugs, but I have been very careful not to confront them (Brooklyn taught me very well!). Also, when I looked at their website, they are out in the boondocks, even though they have a courtesy van for those who do not drive, The room looks like a room in a nursing home with the table and reclining chair that you see in hospitals/nursing homes. Even though I do not have to share a bathroom, have no freezer, a six square foot refrigerator (like you find in dorms), a mini microwave (less than one square foot) and no heating element for a sauce pan. If I lived there, would be forced to shop at least once a week. One good thing, not near restaurants (temptation!). Fear if I live there, may have loneliness issues. Located near homeless shelters and halfway houses and transient housing. Basically, either I put up with moody roommates on drugs or make some real sacrifices. Sounds like I am going from the frying pan into the fire! Don't want to bring this up with my landlord and certainly not the police! Fear I may get a reputation for "hopping around," when I am seeking ultimately an assisted living facility or senior apartment complex. This coming Friday, am going to look at the room being offered to me. Has anyone had to deal with drug-using roommates and how did you handle it?

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