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Going to my first depression support group this week. Any advice before I go?

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If you're feeling nervous at first let some others in the group talk first and you can get a handle on what's happening. The facilitater should help get things going. I have always got a lot out of groups and they won't let me go any more because of my unpredictable seizures. I wish you the best. Royswife

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Thank you, Royswife. That's great advice. I've been feeling pretty terrible lately and am super apprehensive about getting out there. I'm sure it will help though.

I'm sorry to hear about your seizures and not being able to go to support groups. I hope you have been able to reach out to others in other ways.

Again, thanks for the advice :)

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You're welcome. I hope you feel the support of those "like minded" in the group. I wish you all the best!


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