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Has anyone had success with Lithium for bipolar depression for their child? So far our son is responding well but only one week on 600mg daily. Also takes Celexa and Abilify. So young- can he stay on this for a lifetime? Just praying he will have some happiness for awhile- this began at age 11 with depression, anxiety , and OCD type symptoms. Any input would be appreciated.

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I started having problems when I was 12 and my parents did nothing. So I turned to alcohol for about 30 years to kill the pain. I have been sober for 20 years now. Your son is so lucky to have parent like he does. You can be there for sucesses and help pick of the peices when are not so well. I have learned that you have to play around with diffrents meds. It took me and my doctors four long years to get the meds just right. Even though it causes alot of stress on the family time to time, you have his growing years to get it down right. And hope he will have a successful life. You have time, plus do not forget the other family members too..Chris

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lithium worked well for me for 17 years, but because I took it for so long I devolped stage 3 kidney disease. it is very hard on the kidneys. taking it for awhile could seem like a miracle in the happening but taking it for a long time could be a disaster.
good luck


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thats what I took was 600 mgs a day ..

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Thank you so much for your insight, advice, and kindness in responding to me! It's so helpful to hear from others who have the same condition and can share their own stories and suggestions. Nancy

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Thanks so much Kelly- it's good to hear that you had 17 years of good results, although I'm so sorry about the kidney problems that resulted, and know that's the future for my son with Lithium. It helps so much to hear your experience. Yes, since it's happening right now and all he wants is to feel happy and somewhat normal it's so difficult to consider the future problems that he will probably have! But have to be aware of what could happen. Thanks again, and please comment more if you think of other things to share. NCC

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If I was going to start over, I would of started out with a med that I could take for life with as little problems as possible. In 10 or 15 years the meds might have to be changed because of the kidney issue. something to think about. I hate changing medications, it is a horrible feeling. Lithium is a double edge sword I guess. It does help with mania and mood swings and irrtablilty and anxiety in so many ways. Just so much goes into taking lithium, keeping up with labs, all the side effects. I wish ya;ll the best.


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I took lithium for 12 years before it was ineffective and switched to Depakote which I've been on for 4years now and continue with no problem. I was diagnosed Bipolar around 35 years 51 now...function fine, work everyday,etc. I guess the meds that work for you are the right ones...

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Every med works differently on each person. But after 7 years of my 16 year old daughter being on several different meds, lithium is the only one I noticed positive changes. Unfortunately she stopped taking them cold turkey 16 days ago. I'm still dealing with the side effects. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I feel like my daughter missed out on her childhood and teen years. As a mom it's just heartbreaking to watch someone you love so much go through this. Cherish the good moments, be strong through the bad ones. And always keep a close watch. Good luck to you and your family.

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