bipolar and kids and lithium

Hi, every med we give my 7 yr old son for his bipolar causes mania. Has anyone experienced mania while on lithium? Two docs told us that was our last choice, we've taken every moodstabilizer out there with the same reaction. Has anyone taken this and what was the result? Thanks.

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lithium worked very well for me, yes, sometimes though it would seep thru and I would have bouts of mania at times. it didn't last long though. lithium kept it at bay mostly. however if you take lithium for a long time ( i took it for 17 years ) you can get kidney problems. so keep up with his labs and make sure the drs do. I have stage 3 kidney disease from taking lithium.

good luck


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Ma'am when you say his mania how is he acting during this time ??

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Hi Kellysmind, thanks for responding. When you say the mania crept in at times, how often did it happen? I can deal every few days, not rapid cycling all day long. It would be nice to be on it just enough to get him to where he's alittle more older & mature so he can deal with this in other ways. I'm sorry to hear about your kidney problems. I used to administer kidney dialysis to patients, it's hard to go through.

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Hi Gregoryshane,
He gets VERY VERY aggressive and mean, hitting and punching and kicking things. Last night my husband had to call the cops to get him from beating ME! For 45 minutes! I kept pushing him away, ignoring ( hard to ignore someone who's body slamming you), talking to him calmly ( there is no reasoning with him in this state, it's like he's "not there"). It's like he's a caged animal. Then, if and when he calms down ( can take up to two hours), he's sobbing hysterically and wants to die. Last week after one of these episodes, he tried suffocating himelf with a pillow! And the docs told me there might not be a med for him out there!!! Seriously!!! What a life, he has no childhood and he can never get back the lost years! When he's "normal", he's the smartest, sweetest, funniest kid around, but those moments are starting to disappear, and I'm afraid they're going to be lost forever. Sorry, I just had to vent. Thanks for responding.

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Ma'am i can't imagen this in a child but it bears the same resemblance as am adult with schezophria because the things your describeing is the exzact things that happen to me when i started hearing voices, i say hearing voice they were talking to me telling me all kinds of horrible things about myself, about my friends about my Mom and it is just like being in a cage and you can't get out, and know just thinking how could a person reason with a child i was old enough to think about what was happening and think it through but when it first hit i was verbally fighting the voices and the world and like you said ma'am sometimes it would hit me and last an hour but when i went to argueing fighting the voices they lasted days sometimes weeks it wore me down a child would be more appted to believe them, and they voice say horrible things about your loved ones.( i'm not saying the young man has this but his action are the very same) and yes after and during these episodes i would cry and cry) to give you an exzample the voice are like you talking to your husband having a conversation( and i had lots of conversations with them, except there is know one there you can't see them, they are just telling you thing must of witch is terrible. i know i didn't explain it well ma'am im sorry i'm still come out of it,i just started sociallizeing with people when i started college other than that i was issolated dealing with this on my on i never took meds for it, because it was real and there wasn't any pill going to stop them one week they where hitting me hard mom sent me to the hospital i was so beat down in my mind i told the doctor yea give me all the meds you got, ha they didn't work i laid in that bed for hours listening to them some time it was like having a loud speaker in your mind just blasting, with the very most of my love and pain for you to you and that little man.

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If he is doing all of that then the lithium isn't helping him, or its not built up enough in his system to help. It takes a little while to start helping. bipolar can make you very aggressive like that. hes not old enough to have learned allot of things, but old enough to start learning them. If the dr is saying there might not be a med for him, it might be because he is so young and only so many meds have been approved for that age group, doesn't mean when he gets older he can take something else. I know that doesn't help your current sittuation. I would be uncontrollable and nothing would console me at those times. He must feel very out of control in his head to be doing those things. Like greg says we know how he feels and we feel for you for having to go thru it and feel for him most of all. It's not a matter of lack of love of concern from you. Chemicals play a big role and they are going in so many directions he must be very confused and aggression his is only escape. I am sure when you feel out of control you get very frustrated too.

When a person gets mad or tries to dominate another person they are trying to get control of something. They may not know what that is. He may not be able to tell you if he is hearing things that are not there, and like greg says when you hear voices they tend to be very mean. I do not know if he is or not, but when a person hears those terrible things it tends to set you off at that person. It does tend to make you behave the way he is towards you.

Medication isn't the only resource to this, there is therapy too. If you find the root to the problem ( like bad thoughts or voices ) its easier to treat in thearpy. I am no dr nor a therpist and do not know what else to tell you how to help him.

I just know the hell you are going thru because my mom went thru it with me. I was so scared most of the time. I tried to conquer it by being mean to her. I was most mean to the people who loved and cared for me the most.

When I was manic on lithium it didn't last long. maybe a day or two and I would get okay again. I would feel very aggressive. When I was over medicated I took a table full of glass dumped it in the floor and then ran across it cutting my feet up. so too much medication can have the same effect as not having any at all. its a fine line and that is why those dr's get paid so much money. I hope you find something that works.

I was very uncontrollable and very aggressive as a child. therpy probably helped me way more than medication. I have my problems but I have learned how to control it with the therapy. He is not a lost cause and it can improve. good luck


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Ma'am i've been thinking of you all day u got to figure out what is going through his little mind what is he thinking , ma'am can he write yet, when hes in a good mood get with him and tell you and him are going to start a dairy to write in everyday and do this show him what you wrote every day just take 30 minutes day and have him write 30 minutes a day never write anything negative in it always praise him in everyway in the diary and to hes face don't ask to read it just make sure he is writing in it do this for 2 or 3 weeks before you look at it and he may write things he's never told you in it give him ideals like when yall are together and see a bird tell i'm going to write how pretty that bird is or flys tell him about someone that mad you mad at work and your going to write about them you know that way things that make him mad he will write about if he sees you doing itand come up with your on ideals to help yourself know what he is thinking and what is going on in him just an ideal but it may produce more than you think.

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came across this and thought of you ould-prevent-schizophrenia-study/

in therapy kids do so much. I work with a child that has mental problems and another with autism. its been a long road, but he has improved.


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Ma'am i hope you understand what i'm tyring to tell you, you say 2 doctor told you this was your last choice, ma'am i never found any usefulness of there opinions they would put me in a hospital come by once a day for five minutes and that was it. the only thing that i ever found that help was clonazapam its like a valume and it helps, i never took any of the other meds they would give me and if i did they didn't work, I honestly don't think they know anything about bi-polar except to give you meds, this is some thing you have got to figure out on your own and for your son thats why i say have him write what he is feeling so you can understand what hes thinking and it will help you and give you an ideal of what hes going through at theses times because if your never had this you want know this, a doctor may say he understands but unless you been through it you can never know it, what i mean is you can tell me you have a headache i understand that but i don't know how much pain your feeling or how bad your head hurts they can say they understand depression but what they mean is they understand you can't get out of bed you do care about washing close cleaning house but all this is from what some one told them, wait until they get depression and have all the feeling that keeps you in bed the hoplessness you can see anyreason to live then they will say yea i know depression and they will know how to treat it because they have lived through it found what works and have ideals for you to overcome it. with love and worry and hopfulness greg

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