Available Resources in Cleve Area?

i have a 50 yr old brother in cleve area--i'm out of state. my 74 year old mother has been dealing with his mental illness alone for some 30 years--she needs support. he just got on "prozac" but seems worse than before. He doesn't work. Says he's fine -- any resources in cleve area I can suggest to Mom? How can I help Bro get a job? So hard being so far away...

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Dear Kmoe,

I'm happy to tell you that I live in the Cleveland area and have a wonderful psychiatrist who has been treating my Bi-polar disorder for many years now. She used to be in private practice but now she is at the Cleveland Clinic, the downtown campus, which is centrally located. The phone no. your Mom needs to call is 216-444-5812. ONLY accept an appointment w/Karen Jacobs. You might have to wait a few weeks, but it will be worth the wait. I can tell you that Prozac is definitely NOT the answer for Bi-polar disorder. It sounds like a PCP is doing the prescribing for him. They do not have the knowledge to dispense the proper medications for complex mental illnesses.

I'm sure it has been very difficult for your Mom taking care of him. Maybe on the proper meds he will be able to work. Perhaps he will need to apply for SS Disability. But the first step is getting the right help.
I pray that they are able to connect soon.


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