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i have a alj hearing coming up in April. I have been diagnosed with major depression 296.32 and psychotic disorder. Iam extreamly nervous about the hearing. Its basicly a matter of survival for me. I have tried to work 19 differant jobs since 2006. I have been fired from every job. What kind of questions will i be asked at the hearing?????? I used drugs up untill 2008. Iam not going to lie about the fact that i used to self medicate for my conditions. I havent used any thing since april 2012. I have had a few relapses since 2008. I have always got right back on track though if i relapsed. I think they might try to turn everything into drug use and iam concerned. Can anyone help me?

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I am so sorry for your pain and anguish, I would like to help you but I know nothing about these hearings. Dealing with major depression and a psychotic disorder must be tough. I'm happy for you that you have stayed clear of drug use in the past year. I have little to offer you, but I do hope that the outcome goes well for you.

I hope that someone on this site can help you better than I.

Best wishes,

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I will pray for you: That you continued to stay sober shows you deserve at least to survive.

Who doesn't?

Not knowing what ALJ is, I don't know how to advise. How your life has changed, and some more negative may need to be shared, if even you may not want to.

Congratulations on your sobriety.

I was mistakenly diagnosed with a severe psychiatric disorder: I do have PTSD from well, in part the experience. But I have seen so very first hand how you must suffer and I know a couple people who are similarly affected.

I get short periods of depresion and agitation but because of an autonomic nervous system disorder: and from living most of my life in pain following to be totally honest, a 1983 brain injury; so I know also how hard it can be to stay sober when living under such stress.
I am not familiar with what this type of hearing is. Can you tell me more: I am in the US: I have sort of well: I guess a bit a "security" concerns, but that is unrelated, garaunteed. Is it for a disability income from government?

Thanks: be good to yourself-one day at a time. Hang onto whatever is keeping you sober.

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Alj hearing is basicly the last phase of social security disabilty claime. I have been denied benefits 2 differant times. once when i first filed for benefits. Then when I asked for reconsideration I was denied again. Most people with mental disorders are denied 2 times before they end up getting approved. Its fucked up, but this is how the social security administration weeds out people who realy dont have disorders just trying to get benefits. So it takes about 2 years, but after 2 years pass you will be granted a hearing with a alj. a alj is a judge that either qualifies you or diqualifies you for benefits under the social security act. My hearing is in April. This would be my only means of survival. I have tried to work all kinds of differant jobs. In fact I have been fired from 19 differant jobs since 2006. I usualy get fired for a confrontation with either a co worker or client. Sometimes however iam fired for not remembering to do certain things the job requires. I have a hard time concentrating because I always think that people are out to get me. I also think and feel they are talking about me, judging me and so on and so forth. It creates so much fear and frustration inside me. I do not keep these feelings hiden in any way. It always comes out in my actions. So another words I get fired from every job i obtain. This is why i filed for benefits under the social sec act.

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Congratulations on the sobriety. The population of people I work with have a SSI or SSDI claim pending. Yes a large portion are denied the initial claim and appeals have gone on for years. All I can say is document document document. Every single doctor visit every job attempt and failure. Yes they are trying to weed out the perceived slackers and thus overlook many in need. There is no sure fire answer to give about your success or failure to get the award. I got SSD awarded for mental illness alone with no medical necessity on the first try while other people swear you need a medical disability also. It is all rumor or conjecture. Each claim and each judge is different even though there are guidelines. Substance abuse is a disability as considered in the United States because of the Disease Model. Sometimes it matters which came first the substance abuse or the mental illness, basically did the abuse lead to the illness or was the illness present before the abuse. On the bright side you have the right to continue appealing a negative decision.

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