ADHD not hungry

My 7 yo grandson has ADHD and is on Concerta and Ritalin. He isn't eating much at all and we are concerned. Any ideas on how to get him to eat?

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It is very hard for them to eat on the medicine. Offer what he likes to eat & drink and if there are times when the medicine is out of his system, hopefully the appetite will come back. I don't give my kids the medicine on the weekend, because they don't eat much through the week. It's a hard problem. Hang in there!

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Whn does the child take the meds. When mine were on these meds. we would give right at the first part of the meal if it was a morning on and then lunch might be sluggish but some meds. can be switched to bedtime of course not ritalin.

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Ma'am this child is 7 months old an has adhd and is on meds for this is this correct?

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He is 7 years old. Sometimes he is not given ritalin short-acting in the afternoon so he will eat. This does make homework time not so good and bedtime routine difficult. But at least he eats something.

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meds will make you were you want eat or can't think, i take a nevre pill but i split it in half an only take half but it works on my nerves and is just the right amount this is due to the after effect of bi-polar ,it affected my nerves an i'm left with anxietys what i'm saying ma'am is try lessoning his doses

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