ADHD and other mental issues success stories?

I have already posted in depression and PTSD most of my story. I guess my big problem when it comes to everyday life is getting motivated to do anything at all. I can say for certain if I didn't have two kids, that I wouldn't do anything much each day. My issue isn't that I don't have the desire in my heart to do better, but even on my "good" days I find it very difficult to Complete the tasks I know need to be done. I wouldn't be here writing now if I didn't care or have the sincere desire to live differently and retrain my mind somehow, but so much I've tried just hasn't worked or been effective for long enough to help. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired and it's more than I really want to accept or believe. Transparency is easy when I don't have to actually see the person I'm confessing to! Oh boy.....I hope that hope still exists for me. My kids deserve a mother who is whole and healed from mental disabilities. Anyone else have sucuss stories?

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Yea, that's kind of how I am in the winter. I noticed that It's gotten worse during winter, but I tell myself, Everyday that if I just accomplish one thing that's better than none. My story is very extensive, and, due to conflicting disorders, I spend a lot of time on a bipolarcoaster in life.

However. My son, will graduate high school in a couple of months. My illness Did rob him somewhat. Or, at least I feel it did. My son is a very polite, respectable, hard working young man.... Who, put himself into church and has become even more of a gentleman than I could have ever asked for. All that said, he should have had extra attention that I was incapable of, he has aspberger syndrome.

My mom and my sister helped me out a lot. But, there are times when I wish I had been different. When he was a baby, he was my reason to get up when I didn't want to, and he always put a smile on my face. In the past two years, his independence has allowed me to hide again... So, I have a motorcycle.... I live in Michigan, so I have to take advantage of good weather as long as it lasts...

I've spent many years convincing myself I am here for a reason. I enjoy reaching out to people and trying to lend an ear and a kind word. I share all of me, as I see no reason to pretend I'm anyone but myself. As an under 40 retired woman, I have to create a reason to do something Every Single Day. I do believe It's harder than punching a time clock. At least when I worked I had a strict schedule... No where on it was "it'll wait".

It'll wait..... That's the hard part. But, as I look at my 17 year old son, I wonder where the time has gone.... So, start with your mind, tell yourself, there isn't that much time, and it won't wait. I struggle successfully almost daily. I wish you the best!!


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