Accepting NYC Will Never Be the Same Again (Post Superstorm Sandy)

Struggling to accept (grieving) NYC will never be same again post Superstorm Sandy. Trying to move forward, not backward. In supportive counseling trying to map out where I go from here. Feel that where I am now is a stepping stone. At my age (55) afraid of starting over again. Have little in common with those in my new "community." Thinking of starting a "meetup" group but haven't decided what topic. Feel like I am "re-inventing" myself. Into what, I do not know. Felt I had a strong identity when I lived 35 yrs in Florida, moderately strong identity when I lived 10 yrs in Brooklyn, but am at a loss if I can do it here, in a small town. Have many irons in the fire, in NYC and upstate New York, and soon in Orlando, Florida. Has anyone had to "start over," especially in their later years, and, especially, alone, without a partner? Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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