STATIN NATION: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up (Full Movie)

I thought readers of this forum may like to watch this film that is now available free on You Tube.
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STATIN NATION: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up (Full Movie)

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Thank you soooooo much for posting this. I feel totally scamed by medicine. I am on a Statin drug. I ran out of it for 2 weeks and my doc said whoa your cholesterol is too high. Suppose he must have been getting a 'kick back' for using the drug option. I will be eating more eggs and see if it hurts my numbers while still on the Statin. Again, Thanks.

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Thanks for posting this, it was very interesting. Everything is about money not our health and it probably always will be. the other problem is people believe everything their doctors say and are not willing to listen to someone like myself who is not educated ha ha.

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Ted, when I try to watch the video, I get a message that says it's private. Can you help?

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Sorry I didn't realise that it was for a limited time only.
There are some excerpts that are online and there are places where you could rent a copy for £3.49

I think it depends on how long you've been following the statin story. I've been following the research now for so long that there was nothing in Statin Nation that surprised or informed me. So I was pretty disappointed with how tame it was. But as an introduction to the story it's reasonable and covers quite a bit of ground.

Greenmedinfo on Statins has more research listed that will depress (inform)you further

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Your posts on D were great .. thanks so much for putting that together .. I've sent others to look at the information. :)
I'm interested in the statins because my husband takes them.

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@ I'm interested in the statins because my husband takes them.
There are some circumstances in which statin therapy MAY be appropriate but I think most of the beneficial actions of statins arise for reasons other than cholesterol lowering.

In the same way we can ask Are statins analogues of vitamin D?
We see
Comparison of Mechanism and Functional Effects of Magnesium and Statin Pharmaceuticals

Magnesium: Novel Applications in Cardiovascular Disease – A Review of the Literature

We know that early humans had higher vitamin d and magnesium intakes and modern lifestyles/foods leave most people both vitamin d and magnesium deficient. Rather than using statins as a substitute for Vitamin d and magnesium repletion we should first restore the natural levels of vitamin d and magnesium (and potassium) that human DNA works best with.

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I didn't mention omega 3 and statins and it's a similar story there.

Recent findings on the health effects of omega-3 fatty acids and statins, and their interactions: do statins inhibit omega-3?

It's a question of priorities.
Should we be taking drugs that have nasty side effects instead of restoring the natural level of anti inflammatory reserves (magnesium, vitamin d, omega 3 , melatonin, etc) human DNA evolved with?
If you believe in optimal health you try to attain and maintain the natural anti-inflammatory status human DNA evolved with.
Obviously if you've shares in the pharmaceutical industry you push for higher drug sales.

When humans evolved all the meat we caught was free range grass fed organic and without antibiotic resistant bugs so much less inflammatory and with a higher omega 3 content. It would be not only better for the environment if we adopted more sustainable farming techniques. REAL Cows Eat Grass -- Not Grains

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Re the mention of Melatonin I dropped in above.
Cheating Ourselves of Sleep

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This isn't so much about statins per se, it's more about cholesterol but I thought this was very interesting ... just wondered if you'd seen it.

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Yes I like Chris Masterjohn.
But basically we have to understand why the body makes cholesterol and what function it serves.
It's only common sense that if you block the flow of water in a river with a dam everything below the dam will be affected by the restriction on water flow the dam created.
If we look at where the actions of statins occurs on the mevalonate pathway it's only common sense to suspect that everything downstream of that barrier, reduced capacity will occur.
7 dehydrocholesterol path photo 7dehydrocholesterolpathway.pngStatins and mevalonate pathway

My concern may be the ability to create Vitamin D3 from reduction in 7 dehydrocholesterol in skin but most of the side effects of statins arise from the reduction in CoQ10 which is in the ubiquinones section. UBIQUINONES are named because they are ubiquitous (found everywhere a bit like vitamin d3)
So if we want to adversely effect the action of every cell in the body, what better way than to use statins?

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I think you're absolutely right. The more 'informed' I get the more I want to stay away from all pharmaceuticals .. they seem to just quash the symptoms, without addressing the underlying causes (and they all seem to come with such alarming side effects). I realize I may be oversimplifying .. but not by much. The drugs make it all too easy for doctors to treat their patients as a bunch separate symptoms and not as one body.

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