Experiencing severe back pain after angioplasty and stent surgery

Over a year ago my mom had severe pain in her back and jaw, as well as shortness of breath and we took her ER. They took all the tests and told us she was having an heart attack. They proceeded to do an angiogram and found blockages, so they put in a stent in on her left side of her heart. She continued to experiencing pain in the her back and was not recovering well. They then did another angiogram and used a balloon to open a blockage that she had in her right side of her heart. After that procedure, my mother recovered well and did not experience any pain for about 9 months. Two weeks ago, she started to experience back pain and in her jaw late at night while resting. That is when all her other episodes had taken place. So we went to the ER and the took the enzyme test and cat scan and they both came back clear. Since then she has experienced two similar episodes and continues to have moderate back pain. They have done more testing and all have come back clear. We have been to the cardiologist today, and since the tests come back clear, they do not feel it is her heart. But she have never experienced typical chest pain, her symptoms have always been severe back pain and sometimes in her jaw. They are adjusting her medications, which include blood thinners, beta blockers, etc.-the usual combo to treat the heart. But, they have no answers to why she is feeling this way. I just wanted to know if others have experienced similar symptoms and if there was any diagnose or treatment for it? They have mention trying EECP treatment if nothing else works. Has anyone tried that and does it help? I'm just trying to find answers to what is going on with my mother. Thanks in advance.

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I had triple bypass over a year ago. Yes I had chest pain .SOB, and severe back pain. My back pain was from being so tense after the bypass so they checked and i have Rheumatoid arthritis really bad in my back knees hands and toes. I still have SOB walking up a flight of stairs. I also had 5 stents put in to. I hope your mom gets some answers because its terrible to have pain in your chest and back at the same time. Make sure she isn't over doing it. Listen to her body and when it says I'm tired. Rest. It is also important that she walks as much as she can. Did they say when she could go to cardiac rehab??

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Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry to hear that your are experiencing pain after your surgery. Thanks for the advice, I will tell her to take it easy right now. They said she is clear to go back to cardiac maintenance. But, I think will ease her into exercise by trying walking, like you suggested and then when she feels ready resume going back to cardiac maintenance. Thanks again and good luck and good health to you!

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I'm not sure how your mom is doing. I want to tell you my experience with EECP - actually my husbands.
He was severly short of breath, chest pains, low heart muscle function - he had EECP.
It was 5 days a week for 7 days. He wore these tight looking knee length spandex shorts at the doctors office. These are hooked up to a big blood pressure looking machine that squeezes and releases to the heart beat. The treatment lasts about an hour.
He did really well throughout the treatment.......Afterward AMAZING. He is doing so much better - it's been a year and he feels so much better. It actually created more blood flow to the heart muscle and has given him less pain and more strength. There is alot of information on line as I"m sure you already know. Just wanted to share a "real life experience". I know not everyone does as well as he did - we are blessed

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