Feels like a Flu Day

I need to get some advise. There are days that I feel like I have the flu. My head hurts, dizzy, nausea, totally weak!! I feel like I have a fever but when i take my temperature is normal. Sometimes I get so shaky that I have to lay down or I will feel like I am about to pass out! At times, I feel better, enough to function. It goes away as quickly as it came after a few days . . weird!! All of this is besides my normal stiffness & pain.

I have been dealing with this for awhile. I am so sick of going to the doctor for them to tell me that they don't "see" anything in the test results. I mean, really, If I did have the flu they would tell me to drink liquids and rest. What would they tell me if I only have the symptoms . . . NOTHING.

I just want to know if there is anyone else that goes through the . . . FLU FEELING. Am I just tired of doctors or should I really be concerned and see the doctor when this happens? How do you deal with FLU DAYS?

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I understand I get the same symptoms and its very frustrating. Sometimes doc have no heart :( it's hard those days when you get the flu like symptoms you wanna just feel better and you just don't coffee is my best friend on those days it doesn't help for long. Hope your feeling better.

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Hi Latty, I get these days; every day mostly for the last 19months. I figure it's a part of living with Lupus. Do you have any organ involvement?
If you're getting these symptoms, I figure it means your lupus is active, but if it's not progressing by affecting your organs then it may just be that this is how you'll feel for an uncertain amount of time. I always hoped that one day I'd wake up and feel 'normal' again, but I've given up hoping for that. I do take tramadol every day and that lessons the fluey feeling. Having said that, I'm on the tail end of a proper flu and it's reminded me how much worse influenza actually is compared to the flu-like feelings of Lupus.
I hate that every day I feel like I'm sick; there's not a moment that I feel 'well' and healthy like I should. I eat right, try and exercise, I don't do much so it's not like I'm running myself ragged, but, I still feel fluey and ill every day. It's hard to come to terms with, but I remind myself often that it could be worse and indeed may even get worse; who knows how the course of this disease will run? The doctor's certainly have no clue.
Sorry for the rant, just wanted to let you know that you're not alone.

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Hi Latty~The flu-like feeling that many lupus patients experience is caused by elevated tumor necrosis factor (TNF). TNF is just a normal necessary part of your immune system, but it is not being regulated properly in lupus. Here is some information from my book on this.

“TNF appears to play a major pro-inflammatory role in SLE also” as is stated
in the research article “The role of tumor necrosis factor-alpha in systemic
lupus erythematosus,” (Aringer, 2008).

TNF is the same part of your immune system that becomes activated when you actually have a cold or the flu virus. It causes the low grade fever, swollen glands, night sweats, achy feeling etc.

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Annesse, I haven't read your book, but would you mind telling me what you suggest the 'cure' for Lupus is?

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Hi Tiffe~The enzymes that are missing in lupus are DNase1 and protease. You can trace every symptom and valid scientific finding of lupus directly back to these enzymes. For instance, TNF is regulated by protease. That is why it is elevated in lupus and other autoimmune diseases. In addition, I have posted numerous studies that confirm missing DNase1 has been determined to be a "causative" factor of lupus.

You can replace these enzymes through diet. Some of the foods that contain protease and DNase1 are fermented foods such as raw organic fermented sauerkraut. In addition, you would need to not destroy these enzymes inadvertently. For instance, the top 3 drugs that are known to induce lupus are all "enzyme blockers". Basically, you would need to restore the integrity of your GI tract. In addition,these enzymes not only digest proteins, they are also responsible for the metabolism of certain nutrients, such as iron and calcium. The inability to properly metabolize iron and calcium are contributing to the disease process, so it would be unwise to take additional in supplement form. That is one reason I believe a through understanding of the disease process is necessary in order to prevent causing yourself further harm.

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Thank you both for the support and advise. I would love to know more about your book.

I guess I was just looking for someone to tell me that I am not alone. I know that sometimes when the doctors can help. We have to admit, as TIFFE said . . .that we have to go with the flow, knowing that it could be worse. I do have some organ involvement but it is mild right now. I get the "pregnant stomach" constipation and its counter part!! I use to have trouble swallowing too.

I don't take prednisone and plaquinal anymore. I take methotrexate now. I feel better when I eat right (small portions) no red meat! Plenty of veggies, I hurt too bad to exercise. If I go grocery shopping, my legs and feet hurt so bad that I walk like a toddler when I get back home, lol

I believe you when you refer to enzymes being the key! I need as much information as I can get. We all press through our days while we are silently dealing these crazy attacks. Pain, weakness, flu-like ick! Thanks for you support. Annesse, I am serious about knowing more about your book, please give me the name.

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I have had days like that to get dizzy feel like
I have a fever and get shakey but do not have
A temp.also my skin feels cold to the touch
But I feel like I am burning up.I just try and
Bare it because I feel like when you tell the dr there's
Not much they will say other then lab work
Is fine. But there has to be other reasons
For this and sometimes I get chest pain but
It goes away.i hope the best for anyone that
Has lupus. So depressing to have.

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Hi Latty.

Here is one lupus study that shows without these enzymes, protease and DNase1, unbroken down bits of protein and DNA from the foods we eat that contain protein can end up in the bloodstream. That is what DNase1 and protease do, they break down dietary proteins and DNA. The immune system tries to capture these protein particles by forming NETs (the researchers term) around them. These NETs can become lodged in organs and tissues, such as the kidneys, and lead to the organ failure common in lupus.


Here is a quote from the last paragraph of the ScienceDaily article.
"The scientists also discovered that NETs are degraded by the enzyme DNase-1, a protein which normally is found in the blood. Lupus patients, however, either lack this enzyme or their DNase-1 is blocked."

You can click on my profile for more information about me.

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hahaha, walking like a toddler, I like that! My kids say, "Oh mum's doing the stiff walk again..", like a one legged pirate and all I need is a parrot on my shoulder! Actually probably more like Forrest before Jenny told him to run.

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Oh yes, Tiffe! I know what you mean! ha ha . . Thank God we can still have some sense of humor about all these issues.
I give up! My sexy walk is GONE. LOL . . A parrot?? You have your Halloween Costume!! Run Tiffe Run!!

Thank you all for being there. It is so great to know I AM are NOT alone!

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Hi Latty I have fibromyalgia and I feel like I have the flu 24-7 I have got pretty used to it but it really effects your life I have not been able to hold a job no one wants to hire someone who is always sick. I do have some good days like today when I can sit up. My children always check on me when I am in bed to make sure I am ok it is very hard but this has been slowly happeinig for years so I hope you feel better soon and keep your chin up my fibromyalgis meds really do help.

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