Oxygen and Dry Mouth

Sometimes I wake up at night and my mouth and throat are so dry I can hardly swallow. What do you think causes this ?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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hi, I dont know much but, I saw this stuff in the pharmacy for that dry mouth people get from treatment etc. Good Luck...sorry I dont have a name for you bu they do make something now.

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I use oxygen only at bedtime and found it gave me dry mouth and nose. I had seen here on line some talked about a humidifier you attach to your machine which would help with the dryness. I called my oxygen company and they came down the next day and attached a small bottle that you fill with mineral water and it really helps. I also use Biotene toothpaste with fluoride and the mouth rinse for dry mouth which has saved my teeth from damage due to the dryness also has kept the plaque down as well. For my nose I use AYR in a tube which helps and my lung doctor just gave me a tube of Roezit, a petroleum free moisturizer which is great. Never use Vaseline, you can use KY jelly. Hope this helps.


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Yes, oxygen definitely dries out your mouth and gums. There is a tooth paste and mouthwash made just for dry mouths. I see now that someone else already gave that info to you. Yes, the name of it is Biotene. They also make a mouth spray that you could just keep beside your bed and use as needed. I hope that helps.

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hi i was wondering does anyone know if this toothpaste biotene is sold in the uk

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Medications like Spiriva cause dry mouth. Oxygen is also a factor. I have found that the best remedy is Oragel Dry Mouth Moisturizing Gel under my tongue at night.

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