E-coli in the trach

I was just informed that my daughter has e-coli in her trach. I was wondering how this happens. My boyfriend and I are really good at keeping the trach clean and she has been in the hospital so i was just curious how this happens. I tried looking it up online but couldn't find a thing about it. So if any parents have a child on a trach I would really like to know how this happens so I can hopefully prevent it from happening again.

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My son was born with ecoli sepsis, it is from fecal matter. You have to be so careful in hospitals and out of them when it comes to ecoli. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer every time you touch your child. Using sterile gloves is good too. Ecoli can be picked up in the least suspected places and with a baby its very easy to contaminate their surroundings cuz they are poopin machines. Remember germs are microscopic and even the cleanest of clean can sometimes miss that one microscopic germ. I feel for you and wish you both the best on this long road you have ahead of you. Having a baby preterm is not easy. Just them being small is scary enough, then to see tubes and monitors it can get overwhelming. Now with the IV's and such it is so much less stress to the baby to have a line put in if the baby is going to be on antibiotics long term i.e over 20 days they should talk to you about it. My son had IV's in his head then when those didn't do the trick they put in a cental line for his ecoli... He was on gentimiacin (not sure I spelled it right).. but he was on it for 21 days. cleared it right up.

Wishing you all the best!

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Thank you for the advice. I will talk to them about a central line.

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Hi I am scheduled for stints in my lungs next month. They did a culture on the mucoid secretions & told me that I had candida & e coli as well as cancer cells.
I asked the dr. how in the heck I got E Coli in my lungs
& he said you can get from anywhere even in the air we breathe. So I was put on a long bout of antibiotics.
DR said it's very common & not to worry about it, but of course it's not his lungs so I was worried. The last culture was negative so I feel better. Hope this helps you. R. S.

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