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Have locally advanced nsclc. Treated twice with stereotactic radiation. Worked well but new recurrence again. On bronchoscope, had fungal infection, aspergillosis, treated with IV antibiotics and then IV anti fungal, VFEND. Tumor rapidly enlarged so stopped antifungals and decided to start chemo with Alimta and Carbo.. Split dose of both cause had bad experience with chemo six years ago for breast cancer (adriamycin and cytoxan). Was in icu for two months, on vent for two weeks, off one, then back on for three. Weeks. Finally discharged but could not walk atrophy of legs. Extensive pt 7 days a week. Had cardiomyopathy and CHF chef from Adriamycin, SO that is why they are keeping my new chemo at a very reduced dose. I would appreciate all the I put you people can give me on carbo/Alimta chemo. Thanks. Liz.

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