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My wife has started Chemo and after her first cycle was given a white cell booster shot Pegfilgrastim (Neulasta). Prior to this shot my wife's white blood cells were in the proper range (4.5 to 10.5).
The shot jumped her white blood cells to 33.2 and threw many of her other CBC numbers out of range.
Should this shot be provided if the white cells are not low but within range? I am trying to ask my doctor but he has not had the time to speak to me.

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I don't understand why they would give her a shot she does'nt need, unless a mistake was made. Neunasty as I started calling them is not a fun shot to take. If your sure on your numbers I would make it known to the oncologist that I needed to talk to him...

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I get a shot the day after every infusion because my WBC is low. Last week, two weeks after infusion and shot, they were a whooping 55. This week they were back up to 132, almost normal.

I was under the impression that some insurance companies will not cover the shot unless the blood work shows a need. Neulasta is not cheap. Please check with the staff to make sure she doesn't get it again unless it is needed.


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When I was on chemo I received the Neulasta shot the day after. My understanding was that my WBC would likely drop from the chemo in about a week so the shot was to boost the WBC so it would not drop below normal. Almost like being supercharged to fight potential infection. Lucky for me the shot did not cause the bad effects that others have experienced. I would check with the oncologist to determine what they are thinking with the shot.


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My white counts shot way up, too, and I mentioned it to the nurses. They said that it would balance out again after a while and they didn't seem to think there was anything really wrong.

My protein and red counts were just inside the normal level, but they both went up after I stopped getting chemo.

BTW, don't let them give you the Neulasta shot in the abdomen: it hurts like hell! Get it in the arm.

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