I have been drinking 2oz of wheatgrass daily, it is a very strong, effective de-toxifier. People have told me it would make chemo ineffective because it takes every thing out . Does anyone have any solid info on this wonderful supplement?


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I recommend thes to all. In the book Blaylock does give his opininion on the antioxident theory. Do your research and make your own informed decision. It is your life at stake and in the end, that is what is necessary. My decision was to use antioxidents throughout. In the interest of taste you might dump that wg into some fresh carrot-apple-ginger juice.
"Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients" by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., and retired neurosurgeon.
The book is about $16 at some health food stores and assorted web sites.

For me this was very empowering.
Nutritionist from Cancer Centers of America 60 minute audio specific to lc. http://www.gildasclubtx.org/resources/mp3/BeckyWright_Lung.mp3
My advice would be to support your body with serious nutrition and supplementation. That is what I do and I think it has helped me a lot. The easiest and least expensive is to keep well hydrated at all times with water. Wet fruits such as watermelon straight or blended with ice and wet vegetables such as cucumber help too.

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Thanks Ramona, I'll check out the book. I drink green tea all day...does that count as water


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I was afraid to take any kind of antitoxins. Both my oncologist and radiation oncologist said that it would not be good, because the chemo is a toxin, and the antitoxins would lessen the effect on my body. So since my life is in their hands, I had to trust their knowledge. I try to eat healthy and hydrate myself all day long, I always have something to drink in my hand. I am a vegetarian so I eat pretty healthy. It certainly wouldn't hurt to do some research. We trust our doctors but they are not Gods.

Good Luck.


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My dad is also taking alfalfa and wheatgrass as recommended by a friend from Kenya and he is also concerned about it making the chemo ineffective. If you hear anything please let me know and we go for scans on Tuesday

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I went on the internet & googled chemo wheatgrass..
looks like some good stuff I haven't read it all yet. My gut tells me that maybe on the off weeks it might be all right...we'll see.
Let me know if you get any info
Mary aka Willets

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