What does "NED" mean?

I keep seeing this acronym, and it sounds like a positive thing. But what does NED actually stand for?
(Please be patient, this is all fairly new to me.)

Also, can anybody tell me what PET stands for, and what exactly can it diagnose?

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NED is "no evidence of disease".
PET ,although i`m not sure what the letters stand for,
is a scan that shows either active or inactive cancer.
I`m sure some one here will chime in and explain exactly,in more detail what a PET scan does.

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Hello Whitedaffodil,

NED: No Evidence of Desease
PET: Positron emission tomography

Click the link below to see what a PET scan does.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positron_emission_tomography#Combination_of_PE T_with_CT_or_MRI

Hope this is helpful.



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Hello Darling,

NED = No Evidence of Disease

NED has been my boyfriend since Jan 25 2011.
I love NED.

Love to you Honey,

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Here is a list of the most common acronyms used in lung cancer. It takes a while to learn them all, so keep or print out the reference.

http://cancergrace.org/general/glossary-of-termscommon-abbreviations-in-onc ology/

Take care,

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Here is another site for definitions:



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NED stands for goose bumps all over your body when the Docter tells you are NED.No Evidence of Disease

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Don't forget the smiles and happy dance that goes with the goose bumps!

NED 4/8/2011

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Wow, thank you everyone... your replies are all very helpful!

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