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** Originally posted by nancyf267 **

Hi there ~ I was told that more than likely my Chemo would be VP-16 & Carboplatin. Anyone out there know anything about these drugs? What were/are your side effects? And, anyone have any preference as far as an anti-nausea drug...there are so many on the list!

Thank you,

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** Originally posted by midgep **

I was on Carbo twice and had no problems with the drug that I can recall.

Usually they give you Benadryl (for allergic reactions) some form of steroids (allergic reactions) and Tagamet (nausea) or other anti nausea meds IV right before they infuse the chemo so you won't have any weird problems while the infusion is going in. I did have itching on my hands and feet one time, but they infused more Benadryl and I was fine. Never had any nausea or anything else with Carbp. I don't know anything about the VP16 but someone else will know and write I am sure.

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** Originally posted by carolhg **


I am so glad that I read your post. Now I know why my booty has gotten so big and fat. I forgot about the steroids that they put in the IV before they give you the chemo. Now I know where all of this extra weight came from.

Thank you again.


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** Originally posted by daughter77 **


My dad is on Carb and he uses Zofran for nausea. It seems to work really well(and is very expensive, by the way). They can also give it through IV, which he gets when he gets extra fluids the day after chemo. The combination of the fluids and the nausea meds seem to really help. The only major effect for him is fatigue.

Wish I could be of more help! I'm sure others will know more than me!

Not sure I have "met" you yet. Welcome to the family, I am new to it myself.

~Carrie (daughter77)

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** Originally posted by sb **

Hi Nancy, I've not had chemo but I did have antinausea meds after my surgery that really helped me a lot. I also had them after I had two c-sections and it helped then too. Zofran was my favorite because I had no side effects at all from it and it worked great. Phenergan is good but it puts you to sleep (good if that's what you're looking for as a side effect....). Compazine if I recall right kind of made me drowsy. I've tried Reglan in the past and it gave me bad restless legs. Zantac was very very helpful for my pregnancy nausea because it had something to do with acid I guess. Anyway, if one doesn't work, try another right away. Sharon

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** Originally posted by Lee **

Hi Nancy:

For nausea during chemo my Mom also took Zofran. It's expensive but she was never sick and it had no side effects for her. She was a little tired during chemo but other than that she felt good.

Good luck & best wishes


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** Originally posted by BarbaraEllen **

Hello Nancy,

My husband, Bill, has had an anti-nausea med called KYTRIL (granisetron HCL). It comes in tablets, but has been receiving it in his IV. He has never experienced any nausea with any of his chemo. He has some at home in tablet form, but has never had to use them.

His first regimen was Carboplatin and Taxol last January. His second, recent treatment has been Carboplatin and Gemzar. The only side effect he has had so far has been fatigue (the Gemzar, we think). However, he has been nausea free, and has bad absolutely no impediment to eating well.

I hope this helps.


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** Originally posted by nancyf267 **

Thank you guys so much for the info! I'm headed out for my very 1st chemo in about 2 hours. I did manage to get my insurance company to pay for Zofran and the doctor also gave me Compazine & Ativan for nausea & vomiting. They did tell me that I would get something real good in my IV also. It seems like a lot of medicine to me ~ I'm not really a pill person...although I will take anything to prevent being sick. I am so scared and nervous to go today!

Thanks again,


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** Originally posted by midgep **


Good luck to you today.I remember my first chemo I was scared to death. That soon abates. If your chemo nurses were like mine, they are wonderful and will put you right at ease.

Carol- Just so you know, your "booty expansion" should be back to normal by now, the steroids they give you don't last that long!

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** Originally posted by Pam **

Hi Nancy,

Im new to this site, and I noticed your port about carboplatin and vp16. By now Im sure you have a handle on them but thought Id share to ease your mind. I take Emend for 3 days starting the day of chemo, in addition, the chemo nurses give me aloxi - a 5 day anti nausia med which definately works. I have never gotten sick on chemo, only severe fatigue, which passes with rest. I hope you are doing well.... its a rough road, but so needed and worth the trip. Life is beautiful Nancy, and tho we may feel crummy now, we will feel great soon. I met a woman who is coming up on her 9 yr survivorship and when I ask her how she feels, I FEEL GREAT !!!

Hang in there, you can beat this..... God bless, Pam

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** Originally posted by CherylF **


Just remember that it won't last forever. You can do this. I won't lie to you, it will probably make you tired and bald, but it is considered the first line chemo. It takes forever to infuse due to all the premeds, so come with plenty of things to preoccupy your time. I took Zofran and never got sick from this chemo combo. Are you getting radiation too?



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** Originally posted by nancyf267 **

Question....for those of you who have received Carbo/VP 16, were you given Carbo only on day one of the 3 day cycle?

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** Originally posted by Ann **

Hi Sweet Nancy,
To answer that question....yeah, on 3 days and off 21. Carbo and VP16. The amazing drugs have brought me here and how thankful I am of them.
I'm so glad to hear from you.....keep on believing in them. God Bless

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